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This assignment is primarily about lipids, triglyceride, unsaturated and saturated fats I will be stating the formation of lipids and what they are made of.

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Joe Parr 12 hol Biology Assignment Lipids This assignment is primarily about lipids, triglyceride, unsaturated and saturated fats I will be stating the formation of lipids and what they are made of. Lipids are a group of substances which include fats and oils, steroids which include cholesterol and some of the sex hormones, and various other substances such as the waxes which cover insect bodies and plant leaves. Lipids are a mixed group of hydrophobic compounds composed of the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Triglycerides are commonly called fats or oils. They are made of glycerol and fatty acids. They are present in a wide range of living organisms and help to insulate and protect animals such as seal and marine birds. If there are no C=C double bonds in the hydrocarbon chain, then it is a saturated fatty acid (i.e. saturated with hydrogen). These fatty acids form straight chains, and have a high melting point. ...read more.


They include: cholesterol, which is found in animals cell membranes to increase stiffness, bile salts, which help to emulsify dietary fats, steroid hormones such as testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone and cortical and vitamin D, which aids Ca2+ uptake by bones. Unsaturated fats are usually liquid at room temperature. They are found in most vegetable products and oils. An exception is a group of tropical oils like coconut or palm kernel oil which are highly saturated. Using foods containing "polyunsaturated" and "monounsaturated" fats does not increase our risk of heart disease. However, like all fats, unsaturated fats give us 9 calories for every gram. So eating too much of these types of fat may also make us gain weight. We can reduce the fat and unsaturated fats in our diets by using less fat, oil, and margarine. We can also eat more low-fat foods like vegetables, fruits, breads, rice, pasta and cereals. ...read more.


Saturated fats raise cholesterol levels and LDL-cholesterol levels more than dietary cholesterol itself. Triglycerides are insoluble in water. They are used for storage, insulation and protection in fatty tissue (or adipose tissue) found under the skin (sub-coetaneous) or surrounding organs. They yield more energy per unit mass than other compounds so are good for energy storage. Carbohydrates can be mobilised more quickly, and glycogen is stored in muscles and liver for immediate energy requirements. Triglycerides containing saturated fatty acids have a high melting point and tend to be found in warm-blooded animals. At room temperature they are solids (fats), e.g. butter, lard, and Triglycerides containing unsaturated fatty acids have a low melting point and tend to be found in cold-blooded animals and plants. At room temperature they are liquids (oils), e.g. fish oil, vegetable oils. Glycerol is a small, 3-carbon molecule Fatty acids are long molecules with a polar, hydrophilic end and a non-polar, hydrophobic tail. The hydrocarbon chain can be from 14 to 22 CH2 units long, but it is always an even number because of the way fatty acids are made. ...read more.

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