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To do a investigation in which to find out if increasing the number of turns on the coil will increase the magnetism.

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 To do a investigation in which to find out if increasing the number of turns on the coil will increase the magnetism


Magnetic field is an area of magnetism around a magnet, which is made of magnetic field lines. You can see the shape of the field lines if you put some paper over a magnet and sprinkle some iron filings onto the paper. If you put a compass on a field line then it points in the direction of the line.

An electromagnet is a coil of wire with electricity flowing through it.

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You can also make an electromagnet stronger by increasing the number of turns or by increasing the current flowing through it. We trough that may be if you double the number of turns it may double the magnetism


Iron bar


Power pack


Wire cutters


First of all we set the investigation up at five turns (we decided to go up in 5 as then we get a fair reading)

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If you use more turns of wire on the coil, the current will get stronger which mean the electrons will get quicker so the felid will be greater the number of electrons flowing along a certain length of wire will increase .

How we  made it fair by

By always using the same power pack and iron bar and keep the coil turns the same size 5 as then we get a fair reading

Second results

Why I was right in my predication

 There has got to be a point in which the magnetism can not be doubled

Kirstie Burn 10.5 Mr Dixon

Magnetism investigation  

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