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Transgenic organisms; scientific breakthrough or historical disaster

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Transgenic organisms; scientific breakthrough or historical disaster In this report I will be showing how transgenic organism are introduced into animals and plants and the modern day issues of these process. A transgenic organism contains stable integrated recombinant DNA. This is achieved by inserting a new piece of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) on every chromosome in each cell. To achieve this would take large amount of time, so new DNA strand is inserted when the organism is only one cell. Though the process of mitosis the single cell will replicate its self identically and every cell in the organism will now contain this new DNA strand. This whole process is called recombinant DNA technology DNA contains thousands of different genes, which are made up of nucleotides. Each gene corresponds to different characteristics and hereditary information. The DNA strand is usually extracted from other organism and the new gene inserted is called transgene. This additions of a new DNA strand will allow organisms either, animals or plants to have properties of other organisms have. ...read more.


The ethical problems with transgenic organism are that people feel that animals and plants should not be changed genetically and by people tampering the genetic makeup of animals by mixing genes from other species. Also some people consider that animals would be undergoing large amounts of stress during the process of altering the DNA. Some people feel there is a health risk by consuming animal genes which are contained in plants or when plant genes are contained in animals. Also the public may consider that there are some unknown side affects which are contained in the transgenic organism. Some people may consider transgenic animals not be natural so they are unable to consume their products There is very large advantage to the social issues for transgenic animals and crops, which is that there would be a food security for the growing population in many countries. So the public would not have to worry about food shortages. The problems with the social issues, is that the richer countries may keep the advances in the technology for transgenic organisms for their own financial gain. ...read more.


These weeds would be resistant to herbicides and a super weed race would have been formed. This would causes greater competition between crops and weeds for nutrients and water contained in the soil, causes the crops to contain a lower nutrient content. There are very large ecological problems with transgenic organisms. If transgenic animals were released into the wild, they would be better adapted to the environment due to their transgenes. This would make them better predators than their counter parts, which could cause the extinction of some species in the wild, due to lack of food for them. The future of transgenic organisms looks very good, as the same process could be used to culture human organs in animals like pigs. These organs could be transplanted into humans when needed, which would save many lives. My view I feel that transgenic organism if used in the right way and suitable restricts were put in to place would have many benefits to modern society. It could allow less developed countries to grow sufficient amounts of crop and increases the productivity of many different animals. ...read more.

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