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Visit report Garson's Farm *Aspect 1 the main aspect:- GM crops *Aspect 2 :- Pesticides *Target audience:- AS and A Level Biology students * Word count 1,892 Introduction Garson's farm is a family owned farm that is situated in London. The farm started off growing vegetables for the small markets in London. When the supermarket chains took over there was a higher demand for mass fruit and vegetables which led to the small markets and small shops losing business and shutting down. The bigger industrial farms sold their fruit and vegetables to the new supermarkets and Garson's farm could not compete with big demands. This led to the farm looking for other ways to keep their farm business going. This led to the idea of pick your own fruit. Garson's farm has been successful pick your own fruit farm now for over 25 years. (1) On our visit to Garson's farm our tour guide and part owner of the farm spoke of some of the many problems of growing fruit and crops in general for farmers. Examples of these are, having to deal with crops and fruit killing diseases that attacks the plants as well as other pests. Bob Garson said "that it is almost imposable for the farm to go completely organic because of the disease that now exist in the soil from the many years of growing plants on the same piece of land." ...read more.


The plant is then grown from the plant cell with the new DNA. (2) (Fig 2) Gene Guns Small gold balls are covered in DNA ready to be inserted into a cell of a plant. *The golden balls with the DNA are then fired with a gun into the cytoplasm of the plant where it finds its way into the nucleus of the plant cell. * The new DNA becomes incorporated with the plants original DNA. *The cells that have had this treatment are then selected so that thy can be grown most successfully. (2) (Fig 3) How it has been used so far *The first stage of the genetic revolution is well underway in global agriculture. Last year farmers around the world planted an area twice the size of the UK with genetically modified crops. (3) (Fig 4) (Fig 5) *Long-lasting tomatoes; Long-lasting, genetically modified tomatoes came on to the market in 1994 and they were the first genetically modified food available to consumers. These new genetically modified tomatoes produce less of the substance that causes tomatoes to rot, so remain firm and fresh for a long time. *Golden Rice was developed in 1999; golden rice is rice that produces pro vitamin A (�-carotene) in the grain. The reason for this is so that in countries and areas of the world where food is scarcer and their main diet is rice there will also be vitamin A to help towards a more stable diet. ...read more.


Leading a virtuous life: Although, there are many variations of the meaning of this leading a virtuous life. I believe that in this case it means, what ever decision is made it should be for all the right reasons. Althogh many belive GM farming is a bad and would be wrong. I belive that this could be due to lack of knowledge in certain areas and some cases. I belive that GM testing on crops and plants should be able to continue because without it we will not be able to determine how safe GM farming could be if it was to be utilised. Pesticides Pesticides are natural or man made chemicals that stop insect, mould, fungi, weeds, and bird and animal from prohibiting the growth of plants and crops. Pesticides also regulate the crop growth. (11) The pesticides used today help produce most of our food in mass, at low prices, and all year around in almost every supermarket and shop that sell food. The main alternative to using pesticides is organic farming although there are many advantages and disadvantages to both ways of farming. (12) Should non organic farming be used? Advantages Disadvantages �Using non organic farmming more food can be made. �The food is at a cheaper price. �Food does not take as long to grow. �Food last longer �Non organic food will not contain any insects. �Without the use of pesticides 45% of crops would be lost. ...read more.

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