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"What do you understand by Recombinant DNA Technology?

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"What do you understand by Recombinant DNA Technology? Discuss the Moral, Ethical, Social, Economic and Environmental Issues Associated with the Technology, giving your views." The discovery of DNA is attributed to the research of three scientists in 1951; Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and James Dewey Watson. They were all later accredited with the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine in 1962. Thanks to their discovery science has been able to research and learn from DNA blueprints and use recombinant DNA technology to discover answers, vaccines and build immunity for many viruses. In recent years science has been using this new technology to genetically modify animals, plants and possibly the main aim being to modify the DNA of humans. Recombinant DNA technology or genetic engineering as it is more commonly known is a "method of changing the inherited characteristics of an organism in a predetermined way by altering its genetic material." It involves "the combination of DNA from one organism with DNA from another organism." Before the process of Recombinant DNA can begin there are two substances in bacterial cells that are required. ...read more.


engineering; however are we meddling with technology we don't fully understand the future of and should we be meddling with the genetic makeup of individuals and a world that we do not even know how was created. Moral and Ethical issues surround all aspects of Recombinant DNA technology. Economical, Social and Environmental issues are all entwined with the morals and ethics of genetic engineering. It is hard to judge morally the issues of Recombinant DNA technology as their as yet are no answers to fully support an argument, so I will try to hit a balance. Technology in this field is helping us to begin to discover possible cures for cancer and other diseases. Chung Lee a researcher in Illinois has discovered a possible way to boost our immune system so we are resistant to cancer. I will discuss this further in social issues; however an advancement such as a cure for cancer surely gives the moral high ground to the development of genetic engineering. Tosk a biotech company in America claim that they can add "genes to mammalian cells with unprecedented efficiency with the help of fruit fly DNA that can jump in and out of chromosomes." ...read more.


They could be injected with disease after disease and in pain until they die, yet I feel if for the benefit of the human race then from my view animal testing is justifiable. I successful genetic engineering hopes to create 'designer babies' and clone humans, this would create a world of choice and a race of superb humans. However I feel this is morally and ethically wrong, if we take the view point God created earth, which in the United Kingdom and many people I know is accepted, then we do not have the power to intervene and change God's creation. He made us imperfect and I feel humans should be this way, without flaws we have nothing to strive for and life would be a waste of time. We need to be individuals and to be accepted and accept who we are, and I do not feel we as humans have the power to change the human race from what God intended it to be like. However if we believe in evolution, then that argument is turned on its head and we should evolve continuously improving ourselves. Jews - pigs are unclean and Muslims are cows genes in cows bad. Gregor Mendel monk. / diagram Social ...read more.

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