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Why is water a good transport medium?

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BIOLOGY ESSAY Water makes a very efficient transport medium within plants and living things. Water is a polar molecule, this means when hydrogen forms a covalent bond with oxygen the electrons are attracted more to the heavier oxygen molecule, giving it a partial negative charge, leaving the hydrogen with a partial positive, making the molecule to be polarized. Water particles are attracted to each other by hydrogen bonds. When two water molecules get close together, the polar forces draw the molecules together. The oxygen atom of one water molecule will bond with several hydrogen atoms of other water molecules. These bonds are called hydrogen bonds and means water molecules stick together making them cohesive. ...read more.


The process continues as the water flows up the tube until there is enough water so the gravity balances the adhesive force meaning it can efficiently transport substances upwards. Due to its polarity H2O is also a very good solvent. Substances that will mix well and dissolve in water, like sugar, are known as hydrophilic substances, the love to be in water. Whereas those that do not mix well with water, like oil, are known as hydrophobic substances, which hate to be in water. The ability of a substance to dissolve in water is determined by whether or not the substance can match or better the strong attractive forces that water molecules generate between other water molecules. ...read more.


Ammonium water has the highest heat capacity ( the amount of heat, measured in joules, required to raise one 1 kg of water by 1 degree C) of all know substances. This means water heats and cools slowly. Without waters specific heat capacity our bodies would vary in temperature a lot, this would make it very difficult for homeostasis in the body as well as altering how effectively water can pass solvents. It also means water stays as a liquid at room temperature, if water wasn't a liquid it couldn't transport anything around the body and means there's no chance it could ever vaporize or freeze within the body. ?? ?? ?? ?? Why is water a good transport medium? By Charlie Life ...read more.

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