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Writing to describe.

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Writing to describe As i jumped off of the plane in Florida i immediately felt the warm tropical air slide over my skin . My body was already tingling with excitement about the holiday i was about to embark on . As the coach left the space-age airport my mum , my sister and I were full of energy . Despite being on a plane for 7 hours we were very excited . As we pulled up to the Magical Kingdom Hotel I sensed that we may be arriving in some sort of dream world . The buildings were similar to those written about in fairytales . ...read more.


I was in heaven. The experience got even better as we spent our first day in one of the parks at Disneyland . We started in the Magical Kingdom as it was nearest to our hotel . The place was amazing . Everybody looked happy . Grandads were giggling as the gala flew by and little children laughed lightheartedly as they sucked on Minnie Mouse lollipops . I munched manically at my mountain of candyfloss that my mum had bought for me for 5 Dollars . The firework display in the evening lit up the starry sky and the spinning and swirling rides amused people of all kinds . ...read more.


It smelt so wild and natural . The sounds of so many different animals echoed around the park . It was almost like we were watching them in their natural environment on Safari . Elephants trundled along waving their Trunks triumphantly high in the air . I had only seen these animals on television previously so my senses were stimulated like they had not been before . The fantastic weather made the trip even more delightful and by the end of the holiday i looked like a sausage sozzling on a barbeque . My sister looked like a beetroot because she had got burned by the sizzling tropical sunshine . We left the Hotel with just as much energy and excitement as when we had arrived . Ready to tell our friends back home about the magic of Disney ! ...read more.

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