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A Day in the Life of a Teacher

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A Day in the Life of a Teacher I hear the sound of my alarm clock at 6:30am. Time to get up! I wish it was Saturday, no school! No, I'm not a child, nor a student, but a teacher! You don't think we enjoy everyday at work, do you? No. That's rubbish. Let me continue with my story of a day in the life of a teacher.. As I force myself out of bed, a chilling thought comes over me. It's Wednesday. This means I still have three whole days to get through until the weekend. Better get a move on if I want to make it on time. First, I take a shower. I do this every morning to liven myself up and to prepare for the day ahead of me. Today first up we have a whole school assembly. That's one reason why I don't like Wednesdays. The other few reasons I particularly don't like the day Wednesday is that I have recess yard duty and in the afternoon is the paper parade. I step out of the shower, thinking such thoughts of what has been happening in the last few days and what I have to do today. I get dressed and go out to have breakfast. Mmm, I like breakfast, my last chance in the morning to relax and not think about work, but it eventually creeps into my head anyway. Once I am finished I remember and organize, well I try to remember and organize everything that I will need. ...read more.


I ask my class to sit on the mat after about 10minutes and 2 disagreements everyone is seated. I have release time so I wait for the principal to come, because he is taking over my class. Release time, although it is called 'release' is a time where we just do things that aren't done yet. Like marking work, writing a program, or putting together all the things we need to. I have reports to write, since it is the end of the term. There are a few simple things to do when writing reports to make the process as simple, easy and stress free as possible. First sort out the kids. There's the good, the bad and the in between. The in between are really good kids, which you personally don't like and torture for the fun of it. Then write a set paragraph for each of the groups, with 3-5 different wordings, which really mean the same thing. Once children are categorized the fun begins. Comment after comment is inserted into the report, but when I feel that a student stands out, I add my own personal touch. Two words -Be creative. After report writing I have to mark work, this is a very slow and boring process. After a few minutes a fellow teacher of mine comes into the computer room to tell me that the Principal has left for a meeting and I will have to go back and take my class, even though there is only 10minutes until the lunch bell rings. ...read more.


I mentioned the note and how I caught my class mucking up. Lunch goes quickly and soon I'm heading back to the classroom. Today we have our art lesson so I come prepared; I have got in a guest parent to teach the kids how to do string art. I have a chat to the class about being on their best behavior for the guest and then I ask them to set up the classroom. They do this and I pick out the kids who are likely to cause mischief and send them strait up to the office. I have no time and energy to deal with them. I have a rather small class now so I actually have a nice afternoon watching the kids and marking work. I ask them to pack up and that takes a while but I think the kids don't mind because it's always fun to do art. Even cleaning up! The last bell goes and I sigh a breath of relief. It's a busy day for a teacher and the afternoon has just begun. After the students leave I then go ahead and work for another hour or so typing and planning for the next day, I get so much more work done when the students are all gone. When I feel I've done enough I go home and spend the rest of my day doing ordinary things, like crafts, or watching TV or grocery shopping. I love what I do because I'm interacting with people all day and children can be wonderful sometimes! Emma Crossland 1936words ...read more.

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