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Computers are not independent of social change.

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1. Using authors for and against, discuss the validity (strength) of the following statement: 'Computers are not independent of social change.' To argue for and against, use authors that are for and against technological determinism. In order for me to carry out this task effectively, I will define what is meant by the term technological determinism then break down the mystery of these term into parts and also demonstrate out some different technologists who have had a say on the term. According to Babylon, Technological Determinism is considered as an autonomous ling and is defined as technology being developed by its own ruling, with its potential limited by material resources.1 Authors For As said by Neville Holmes a senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania "Computers are merely tools. ...read more.


Also Jacque Ellul is arguing alongside Holmes, he also apply that computers are not independent of social change as he wrote that; ''Technology, is symbolic of a cancer which as it grows increases the fundamental danger to its host, in this case society'' Ellul see's the idea of technology as a whole as an autonomous means with no ruling. He suggests that computers can not be autonomy of social change because they are not only created by humans but they are also used by humans.3 Arthurs Against Whereas the Dutch social critic Michiel Schwarz is against the above authors opinion as he stated that; ''Technology has become our environment as well as our ideology.'' ''We no longer use technology, we live it.'' ...read more.


rapid evolving of the world.4 Conclusion As a whole having looked at different authors' point of view over the past years, one can see that computers have played and are still playing a great responsibility amongst our society since technologies are improving in terms of their functioning and capability, the society is adapting to it. I agree with (name of author u fink is right) and because of his/her point, we can see that technology is definitely the motor of our society therefore, I recon 1 Babylon Translation, Available at: http://dictionary.babylon.com/Technological_Determinism (Assessed on 17-December-2008) 2 Neville Holmes, University of Tasmania, Available at: http://eprints.utas.edu.au/2765/1/ieeec97may.pdf (Assessed on 3-November-2008) 3 Jacque Ellul, Available at: http://www.umsl.edu/~keelr/280/class/gregtd.html (Assessed on 16-December-2008) 4 Amy Schick, Technological Determinism: A Critique, Available at: http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~as491398/tdaes.htm (Assessed on 17-December-2008) ?? ?? ?? ?? IT & Society ...read more.

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