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A Vicious Attack on America - 9/11.

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Bhavesh Patel Mr. McCarter English Composition 1301 July 12, 2004 Narrative Essay - A Vicious Attack on America The United States, the way we knew it, changed on September 11, 2001. Shocking as the news was, it was reality and we had to deal with it. Thousands of lives-men, women, and children of various races and religions-were innocently taken. These heartless groups of terrorists set their eyes on The World Trade Center buildings in New York City and The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The terrorist attacks hurt the citizens of America, as well as attempted to destroy the nation's economic and military power. Instead of turning the American population against one another, the cold-blooded attacks brought the nation together and made America even more dominant. The freshmen in Mrs. Morgan's second period Geometry class at Grand Prairie High School anxiously waited for the dismissal bell to ring. The three minutes of eternity finally came to an end with a lengthy monotone "beeeeeeeeeeeep." I quickly left the classroom and started walking towards the door that leads to the orchestra room. At this time, half the kids in the school, including me, were completely oblivious. ...read more.


My fourth period class was History, so I figured we were bound to have access to the news. After we sat down for class, the teacher made an announcement, "We're not going to be doing any work today, but instead we're watching the news. Pay attention though, you'll be quizzed," he said. I was furious! "A quiz over the news?" I questioned the teacher with a high-toned voice. "I did say quiz, did I not, class?" he replied sarcastically. So there we sat, watching the news, and trying to keep everyone quiet so we could listen and do well on the quiz if the teacher ever followed through on his threat and gave it out. Mr. Dukes was known for scaring his students by saying there would be a quiz or test on a lecture or video just so they would pay attention and not fall sleep during class. It never crossed my mind that any my classmates would be uninterested in knowing what was occurring in our nation. My frustration level began to rise and the students started getting loud so I yelled, "Can you guys please be quiet?" ...read more.


The kid next to me said, "Wow, this is truly astounding. I never thought someone could do this to America seeing how strong we are as a nation considering both our economy and military." Twenty minutes later, the North Tower began to crumble down and we heard about another crash in the forests of Virginia. Class ended, and then we were off to fifth period. For the rest of the day, I watched the news in fear of hearing a death toll or learning about another cruel attack. Who would of thought that our generation would have experienced an event that would go down in history books across the nation or even around the globe? As the next few weeks passed, the news broadcasts and newspapers covered miracle stories regarding survivors and ironic deaths. "Where were you on September 11th?" has become an ordinary question amongst Americans. Many people have a similar story to mine, but many others can recollect the disastrous day because they were fortunate enough to live through it. When one gazes upon New York City, one notices that the Twin Towers are missing, and then one realizes that the vicious attacks were true. The attacks on America united our nation and revealed that our citizens were compassionate, supportive, and dependable. Patel 1 ...read more.

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