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Agents of Socialization

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Brittany Daye 9/17/10 Sociology Agents Socialization The Family: * Family is the most important agent of socialization in all societies. Families serve important functions in society because they are the primary locus for the procreation and socialization of children. Families are also the primary source of emotional support. * My family is always there for me. I'm a very emotional person, so I get extra attention and love from my family. Without their unconditional love and support, I would definitely be a different person in society. I probably wouldn't have gone to college if it wasn't for my parents' support in high school. I probably wouldn't be as confident as I am if it was for their love. ...read more.


I didn't want my parents shopping with me anymore because my friends' opinions mattered most. Even though I wasn't doing any of these things, I was always comfortable talking about sex, drugs, and other social issues with my peers, rather than my parents. The School: * Schools play a huge role in the socialization of young people. Schools have a profound effect on children's self-image, beliefs, and values. Students have different experiences in the school systems depending on their social class, racial-ethnic background, neighborhood, and gender. * The town that I grew up in was 85% black, so I was never really exposed to other races until elementary school. ...read more.


We sometimes seem to underestimate the impact the media has on our attitudes and behavior. Kids are watching television for nearly 28 hours per week and are being exposed to many different acts of violence. * I never watched a whole lot of television as a kid, but now that I have nieces, I can definitely see the impact television has on kids. Although my nieces only watch cartoons, they're still absorbing everything they see and hear. For example, my four year old niece was watching Sponge Bob and then all of a sudden she told me she was going to break my leg and put it on the grill. If Mr. Crab wouldn't have said that to Sponge Bob, my niece would have never thought to say such a thing. ...read more.

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