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America's Freedom

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Gimnazija Andrije Mohrovicica Rijeka (Croatia) Given grade: America's Freedom Two hundred thousand people stood out in front of the Lincoln Memorial Monument on the 28th of August, 1963, lead by the tongues of musicians, artists, poets, and writers rather than politicians and leaders. It was the dawn of a new age in American history, a novel dawn of reason. Mostly young people, who were able to overcome religion, race, sex and all other physical aspects of the human kind stood in search of freedom and liberty, as was promised to their ancestors in the words of the Declaration of Independence. Ever since the great migrations at the beginning of the 20th century, when over 1.2 million immigrants came rushing in through Manhattan's doors in seek of a better life, America's society has stirred and evolved more than that of any other nation on the planet. It was the harsh economic situation, which followed Napoleon's defeat in 1815, and the stench which had foreshadowed the beginning of a new war which had forced the peoples of so many European countries to move out of their homes and settle into a new and more promising land. ...read more.


It was a moment of recognition of what people could do to change history. "We sub opened the conscience of the nation", said the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the man whose oratory made the day memorable across the globe. The speech which stands as a symbol for nonviolent struggle up until the present day. His were words which stirred a nation. Armed with only his voice, he fought to create a more just world. He was familiar with the sting of white hatred and black humiliation, and in 1963 he had finally stood in front of those 200,000 people, and refusing to be consumed by the bitterness, forcefully cried out, "I have a dream!". Unfortunately, only five years later, streamers of smoke twisted amongst the cherry blossoms, for the transcendent symbol of the civil rights movement had been assassinated by a frustrated white man; James Earl Gray. The importance of the march was that it went far beyond the black race. Many white singers and artists, from Joan Baez, Dave van Ronk, to the Clancy brothers supported the civil rights movement. However, a young Jewish poet and musician greatly contributed to Americas reasoning. ...read more.


It is a country built on blood and wars, and in the end cleansed by the words of its youth, which seeked nothing but what was promised to their ancestors a whole one hundred and eighty seven years ago. It is also in small America's society where those to whom we refer as legends are born. The people who come with the dust, and are gone with the wind. The insane ones, the ones which seem not to fit into society's structure. The rebellious and the active. Their negligence for the unjust rules and disrespect for the status quo forces the people to move on. Because of their just view of the world and actions they are willing to commit to, they cannot be ignored, because they move the human race, and it is because of them, that we stand here and think the way we do. Therefore we must understand that there will always be something worth fighting for, as we slowly transcend into our inevitable evolution (or regression, respectively), aspects of our existence we accepted to be status quo rightfully become lime lit, and hence questioned, simultaneously revealing weapons obscured within us until then. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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