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American values identified by sociologist Robin Williams

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WEEK 3 ESSAY * Name: Teresa Austin Course: SOCA103 WA * Date: September 15, 2009 Course Week: Three The magazine I utilized was Reader's Digest. I chose this publication knowing the American values that Robin Williams identified would be represented throughout this periodical. The cover had Paula Dean an individual (Individualism) from the Deep South, I use this as a example of ethnocentrism, where the South enslaved the beliefs that the Southern white race was superior to all others (Racism & Group Superiority), along with the contradiction of values with the "South" being overthrown and the end of slavery. ...read more.


with a patriotic flag in the background. There was a predominant theme throughout the advertisements that caught my attention, mostly with the food advertisements, was the core value of Efficiency and Practicality along with Progress and Material Comfort, this selling technique does appeal to a time constricted society, multitasking, fast food, quick fixes and materialism. The advertisements that had me smiling and thinking of another core value, Activity and Work was an advertisement showing a family on the swings at an amusement park, showing that hard work can be rewarded. ...read more.


This is again a value and a contradiction being depicted in this advertisement for getting a college degree online, the individualism of this woman trying to succeed but the conflict of her being a single mother and trying to achieve her goals is an upward battle. Our industrialized society is well depicted throughout the advertisements, the pattern of medical advertisements sending of message of maintaining good health and longevity abounded. This exercise has enlightened my perusing magazines in a new light looking into the deeper meaning behind the advertisement on the page. ...read more.

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