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An analysis of the methods used to effectively tackle crime

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An analysis of the methods used to effectively tackle crime It is important to remember that when tackling crime it can be broken down into three different categories which are: * Tackling the cause * Preventing a crime * Detecting a crime and catching the offenders Tackling crime When talking about tackling crime and the methods that can be used the obvious answer would normally be police but there are many more different ways to tackle crime effectively and they are out lined below in the table. Method The way it is used and its effectiveness. Who they are aimed at Diversion techniques There are many different diversion techniques that can be used such as * Lifestyle * Youth clubs schemes These diversion techniques are put together using multi agency partnerships and are normally set up out of educational time (e.g. after school or in summer holidays) and give participants a chance to use there time creatively rather than being up to no good. ...read more.


* General public Home office The Police and there role Department within the police They way it is used and its effectiveness CID The CID department investigates crimes and puts forward cases to the C.P.S. Police Constables Police constables are normally the first people to arrive on the scenes of crime and asses the situation. The way the crime scene is processed at this early stage could determine whether a person in prosecuted or not. Scenes of crime officers Scenes of crime officers collect evidence and try a piece together what has happened e.g. if the a burglary has taken place they could also identify the point of entry and put forward ways to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Preventing crime Method The way it is used and its effectiveness. Who they are aimed at Multi disciplinary partnerships Multi agency partnerships are used because they are cheap and often tackle the cause of crime from its root * Multi agency partnerships are aimed at the problem that it is trying to solve. ...read more.


may be the first point of contact that a victim of crime or offender comes into contact with and in effect a police constable has to collect evidence along side the scenes of crime operatives. Following this stage witness statements are collected so that a broader picture of what actually happened can be developed. Conclusion - how they all link up When looking at the methods of tackling crime in a more logical manner (hence braking each section down into tackling, preventing and detection) then it is easier to see how each section connects together for example diversion techniques (from the tackling category) can be used in the many different ways such as the encouragement and introduction of local youth clubs or after school clubs (from the prevention list) which as outlined above gives children a chance to use there free time positively rather than negatively. Also if you were to link the prevention of crimes and the detections of crimes together then providing that the preventions in place were effective e.g. CCTV this would in effect bring down the overall detection rates for crimes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shaun Ferguson M3 ...read more.

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