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An X Rated Society

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An X Rated Society The film American History X gives a new meaning to racism. The story is about modern-day racial hatred going on in the United States today. The purpose of the story is to realize that racial hatred does not accomplish anything except create more hate. The director and writer of this movie accomplish their purpose through character development, the targeted audience, and cinematography. Character development best helps to accomplish the purpose of the movie. The most developed characters in this film are Derek and Danny. Derek's character is full of racial hatred and plays as a leader of a neo-Nazi group in Venice Beach, California at the beginning of the movie. "Based on this traumatic incident and an underlying climate of subtle racism, the elder son, Derek, focuses his rage on the minority community and becomes a racist agitator" (McKenna 2). Derek preaches to young skinheads about his beliefs of the American society and how minority groups are corrupting the society and wasting taxpayer's money. They have to put an end to these immigrants, and Derek constantly encourages his followers to take any kind of actions to stop these immigrants. Derek shows great hate towards minority groups by raiding the Korean market and by murdering two black teenagers who attempted to break into his vehicle. ...read more.


Derek tells Danny the tragic story of life in prison and how his life has been turned around. Danny understands the harm that hate can put a person through and also changes his racial beliefs. The scene where the two brothers are stripping the wall in their room helps viewers understand that both Danny and Derek no longer want to live a life of hate. Another method the writer used to accomplish his purpose is through the targeted audience. The targeted audience of this film are the people in the United States. The United States has a variety of all different kinds a race. Many racial issues are occurring everyday and this film shows one main group that are racist against everyone who are not white. Many racist people could be able to have their views changed like the skinheads. After watching this movie one might ask a question if he or she has accomplished anything in his or her life by hating others. The answer is obviously no. Being hateful to someone only causes more problems. One might approach a racist person in a vengeful manner because he or she is racist and someone could get seriously injured. The director has done an excellent job in cinematography. ...read more.


Another use of cinematography the director uses is slow motion. The director uses slow motion to help support the purpose of the film and to form a visual mood (McKenna 2). One main scene that was showed in slow motion was when Danny was shot by a young black student in the bathroom. This creates great hatred towards the black murderer because the audience is able to look deeply into the killer's eyes and see that only hate comes between Danny and him. The viewers also feel the pain Danny was going through. Each bullet Danny was shot by had a great impact on the audience. One bullet would go through Danny making the audience feel sympathetic towards him and then a couple seconds later another creating even more sympathy and hate. In conclusion, the director and author both team up to create an outstanding movie. Using character development, the targeted audience, and cinematography helps accomplish what the purpose of the film is. Derek has become a changed person but yet another family member has died by another black person. Will Derek go back to his old, horrid, racial ways or did spending time behind bars have a great affect on his life that he will stay the same sentimental person as he is? Derek has definitely learned a lesson. His old racial ways has only created more hate and anger that led to the murder of his younger brother. ...read more.

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