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Are women more religious than men

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RATIONALE Are women more religious than men? According to Miller and Hoffmann there is a belief that women are more likely to express greater interest in religion, have a stronger personal commitment and attend church more often. In my own experiences of church my mother my sister and I attend church regularly whilst my brother and father hardly ever attend church giving some evidence in support of Miller and Hoffmann's view. Furthermore having had a debate with a number of people in my sixth form on attendance levels at religious organisations and religiosity levels of males and females, I found that females viewed religion as more important than males. I became even more interested when a fellow student commented that she thought that males aren't as religious as females because by identifying with another male in terms love and superiority is an uncomfortable and foreign concept for them. Some argue that Males also believe attending church is a feminine activity. It should be clear that I am focusing on Christianity for the purposes of my coursework. My research will be conducted through using detailed interviews of male attitudes to attending church and the concept of God. I will ask males in my church and from my sixth form the questions will aim to answer whether they think women are more religious, whether it is hard to be comfortable to be loved by another man; whether they believe church is a feminine activity and finally whether father figures affect whether young boys attend church. ...read more.


Concerning new religious movements Bruce 1995 suggested that the ratio of female involvement in establishments of NRM's was about 2:1. Thompson noted that women were more likely to experience poverty in comparison to men and those who are more likely to join religious sects. For example some cult offers rewards for offering more money to the group, the more a member gives away his money; the greater is the reward from God. Moreover Concerning new age movements historically nature has been perceived the role of women is seen through their femininity. That is, as being naturally different creatures to males more attuned to the natural rhythms of life. Philosophies of the new age cults believe women tend to be afforded a higher status than men. This explains the reason why women tend to be more involved in religious movements. Likewise in fundamentalism the revival of this in the past decade has played a major role in attempting to reverse the trends of women's increasing sovereignty, and their pursuit of fulfilment towards motherhood. In America opposition to women controlling their fertility through abortion has lead to violence with religious fundamentalist pro- life groups. With this information on various religious establishment from views on fundamentalism, NAM's and NRM's. These are important to my research as religiosity in any religion is an issue, and has difficulty in being measured. The view of females in all of these will lead to whether women are more religious than men. METHODOLOGY (824) ...read more.


There is more access to the 6th form students the only disadvantage is to whether they will be willing to participate in the questionnaires, and a structured interview. I have to consider the ethical issues of whether the participants will agree to take part which is informed consent and also they will need information on the type of questions being asked or this could raise issues of deception. Participants must also be fully debriefed and know why and how they are taking part in this research. The key themes of my research will be attendance levels to church, participation in church activities, roles played in the church and their opinions on church and the roles of females, for my own interest I will be testing out Miller and Hoffman's theory of how men view God in comparison to women although they are not included in my sample I will ask the males for their opinions, These will be discovered in the interviews I will conduct but on the questionnaires I will look at attendance levels of males the opinions of their own religiosity and what church means to them. From this I will be able to discover whether males are more religious than females. Having conducted a pilot study I found that one of the questions I aimed to ask were ambiguous. The question was 'What roles do you believe women play in the church'. ...read more.

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