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Good Communication There are various different types of communication that can have a major effect on a patient's well being in health care. It can promote recovery, help them to feel better about themselves, and overall provide a better happier environment. As communication is used widely throughout the healthcare community it is important to ensure all communication is good communication. Therefore it can have a positive effect on the patients, remember it's the little things that count. Communication is also important in health care for everyone to maintain a specific level of professionalism, from staff, to patients and visitors, it is important to keep the visitors happy because you don't want to cause upsets and mis-understandings you want to promote recovery. It is important to build a relationship not only for the patient's sake but for the health care worker to. It is important to know the person who is going to help you to get better isn't going to harm you or upset you in anyway, Just because they have a certificate to show that their a nurse doesn't mean you can trust them it is important to build a relationship. The same applies to nurses; they need to know that the person their treating isn't going to harm them in anyway either. To build an efficient relationship using good communication you need an introduction, be positive, confident and smile, humour is also a good thing providing you use it carefully. ...read more.


It is important that each individual feels as though they are equal to others, by achieving this you will also help them to understand that they are important and they can speak freely and they are entitled to their own choice and opinions. They feel that they can trust people, and that they have rights and their own voice so to be heard and are able to make their own choices. Being valued will also promote the sense of being respected and listened to. This encourages good positive behaviour and attitude within the use of communication, especially within hospitals between the staff and their patients. As well as valuing people we need to let them know that we also support them. Support "to sustain (a person, the mind, spirits, courage etc) under trial off affliction" (Dictionary.com 2007). People need support when things are unfamiliar, out of control, frightening and new. For example you are taken away from home the place you live and your family and friends, you are then placed in an alien environment away from everything that you know. To make the patient feel calm and at home you need to show them that you are there and that you value you them as a person and care for them. We support people using communication in a range of different ways. What's worse than being in an alien environment is being in an environment where people used very complicated (jargon) ...read more.


Simple painless 100% effective however there is nothing you can do about it but respect their wishes. Give them a choice and discuss and respect it, instead of telling them what to do. This is important because some patients that come to stay in the hospital have a different view of things they may agree to have an injection but disagree to taking a pill its their body so its their overall choice, the hospital staff members should compromise and respect that person beliefs and allow that patient to decide for themselves and give them a choice of what is to be done or to not be done. If a patient has a complaint it's their view and opinion it would be disrespectful for you to impose on it. Take action and ensure the comfort and wellbeing of the patients is being provided during their stay; this will help prevent any negative communication and behaviour. Hospital staff also should not force or compel the patient to do something that they do not wish or believe it right, therefore giving the patient control of their body and their rights and opinion. On the whole communication can have a major effect on not only health care but various different environments such as schools, residential homes and team building activities. Communication is vital for the wellbeing of these setting; it's hard to reverse a negative opinion once you have it, to avoid this "think before you speak". ...read more.

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