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Assess the argument that state policy has largely failed to protect the institution of the family

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´╗┐Assess the argument that state policy has largely failed to protect the institution of the family I think that state policy although appears to benefit people with families and their families; it is not always the case. An example of how state policy does not protect the institution is the Divorce Law Act. This act allows for a quicker, cheaper way of getting a divorce and allows divorce to be obtained much easier. This does not protect the institution of family because before this act came into place most people would try to work out the problems within their marriage because divorce was a long and expensive process. However, with the new act and its simplicity people are no longer trying to fix their marriages and are just getting divorced which leads to the breakdowns of many family units. For example, the divorce rate increased by 5% between 2009 and 2010. This can have terrible effects upon the family in particular any children the couple may share because a parents? divorce can be an upsetting time and some children find it very difficult to handle. ...read more.


This is because if the custody of the child/children is shared between both parties the child benefit will not be issued because the child still has both parents providing for them so the money is not received. This has negative effects on the children because as a result of one parent wanting the money they are not always putting the child first and are causing them to lose out emotionally with the bond from the other parent. The child tax credit act however disproves this argument because it encourages the family to stay together. The government provide families in which both partners are still together with payment to care for their child/children if both partners are in paid employment and on a low salary. This is encouraging the institution of family because although if they receive payment because of low salary they are still preserving marriage and more importantly family in order to preserve the connections and bonds a stable family unit provides. This payment not only urges families to stay together and work on having a strong relationship but also urges families to consider the potential consequences upon the children if the couple were to separate. ...read more.


Michael Gove and the government are planning to build around 261 new schools which are aiming to be 15% smaller than those that were built by the labour government. This will have impact on families who are just starting out those with young children now and more so people who have children in the future will be affected by this. This new build could affect families greatly because with smaller buildings there is less room to hold pupils and as a result this will mean that schools cannot take in as many pupils as other already built schools. This will affect families greatly because they will now face even more struggle to get their children into schools in the surrounding area and ultimately into a school at all. This could mean that for many parents their children from a young age are at a disadvantage because they have to travel to a school far away meaning they have very few or no existing bonds and for some may mean that they do not attend school at all because of the difficulties. ...read more.

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