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Assess the importance of out of school factors for educational attainment among working class.

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Assess the importance of out of school factors for educational attainment among working class. By Lizzy Franks It has been seen by Marxists that working class children start school at a disadvantage, because many of the working class children suffer from out of school factors that stops them from having a fair chance. There are many out of school factors that working class children are seen to suffer from, many have little money and so from that more problems occur meaning they are disadvantaged even before they enter the school gates. It has been shown that many working class children suffer from cultural and material depravation and has been shown that they are less likely to be found in nurseries or playgroups, More likely to start school with less ability to read, are more likely to fall behind in reading and number skills, are more likely to get fewer GCSE's and are more likely to leave school at the age of16. ...read more.


They may then label a child as someone who doesn't try very hard and someone who won't do well, this can then cause the child to actually believe this about themselves, stop trying and therefore cause a self fulfilling prophecy. A self fulfilling prophecy is where a child had been labelled and they believe the label so much that they actually start acting the way they have been labelled. There are also many sub-cultures at school and once you've been labelled may cause the child to full into one making it almost impossible to get out of. Paul Willis found that there are many different groups in one big culture, and that within the sub-cultures the children act in a similar manner. He found that in schools there is a group of children who just do there work also called the earholes and there is a Lads Culture. ...read more.


They argue that education has 3 broad functions; Socialisation, Skills Provision and Role Allocation, and that everybody finds a job that is suited to their skills and to there talents. In conclusion it seems as though the Marxists have a very deterministic outlook on education as not all working class children are disadvantaged and fail at school. However it does seem that they are at a disadvantage from both material and cultural deprivation. Which in turn can cause bigger problems within there schooling from bulling and labelling. Though it seems as though functionalists are turning a blind eye to the problems that working class children face as they believe the education system is a fair meritocracy, they may actually have a point, that it's the amount of work and effort the child puts into there school work that determines whether they do well and its not the out of school issues that effect this. ...read more.

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