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Biological explorations of crime.

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Criminology Biological Explorations Of Crime Biological explanations for people who commit a crime, is because we are born with this nature within us. Lombroso proposed that people who commit crime are from a dissociated group; neither modern/primitive nor man/woman but placed them somewhere in between. To research this he used the method of taking measurements of Italian prisoners and non-criminal personnel. He suggested that it was down to the physical size and shape of the head and face to find out if someone is born criminal. He named these atavists and suggested they have unusual features I.e. ...read more.


Sheldon conducted a study to find out what personality would fit which body type. He this study by showing 4,000 photos of male students and 650 personalities from this he found 3 types of body types ectomorphic being thin and fragile (delicate), endomorphic being fat and soft (fun and friendly) and mesomorphic being muscular and hard (deviant or criminal). From this study, he found that more criminals and deviants would be a mesomorphs than ectomorphs. Wadsworth 1979 claimed in study of British crimes, people who committed serious crimes were more of an ectomorph and tended to be late reaching puberty than non-delinquents. ...read more.


They concluded that the prisons were highly populated with the xyy chromosome, which is why price and jarvick suggested they were more inclined to commit crime. They named these supermales, if this was screened for at an early age it could be detected and prevented. However Watkin Et Al did a study, which opposed the previous theories, This involved 4591 men and testing them for the xyy theory but only 12 cases was noticed. However this does not mean they don't commit crime or that the xyy theory doesn't exist, Watkins suggested that it was down to other characteristics such as social and peers that are the main factors for committing crime. 1 ...read more.

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