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Book Review Women and Crime.

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shBook Review Women and Crime Women and Crime is written by Frances Heidensohn. The book was published by Macmillan Press LTD and it is the second edition. The main themes in the book are about how women are treated when they commit crime. The book looks at what crimes women commit and how they feel. It studies how the criminal justice and the penal system treat women offenders. It also analyses the deviant image of women and their experiences. The book examines social theories and traditional criminology. As well as exploring modern theories and feminist criminology. The criminal justice chapter tells us that very few women commit crime and there are small numbers who go to prison. Women commit petty crime such as shoplifting and do not really get caught, if they do it is a small number. This is because the role of a woman in society today does not come under committing crime so people pay less attention to women then men when crime is involved. The chapter about images of deviant women is very interesting, this is because it does not look at petty crime which, the reader would expect it to. ...read more.


The book has quotes from other people works and it explains them very well and you know which criminologist said what and what they meant by it. The language of the book is a bit complex and boring. . The language is appropriate to the audience. It uses Standard English so that everyone can understand it. The reader has to read some part of the book again in order to understand it. So it is a heavy book to understand overall. The book has 11 chapters and it has a look of evidence and quotes from other sociologist and criminologist which the author refers to when making a point about women and crime. A disadvantage of the book is that there is too much information in each chapter and it is hard to understand everything that is written. The text size is '12' this is what most people use and is comfortable with. If the writing was bigger then people may think it does not cover the relevant points or if the writing was too small it may put some people off from reading it because it would not be user friendly. ...read more.


The conclusion in the book is well written and summarises what was in the book. So the conclusion is very convincing about the themes which are in the text. The author also hits its target audience which are student and academics who are studying women and crime and has all the relevant information in one book which is very useful to student because it save them time find information from other books. Most students like to use only one book so it is a perfect student text to have. Also the book points out that there is no book called men and crime because all the book about crime have a lot of information about men committing crime and do not really mention women and crime. The book also raises a lot of question that most people would not ask and answers them well. So in conclusion the book overall is a very good student hand book for anyone studying women and crime. It has all the information and more. It contains all the evidence that you need to look for and the work of other criminologist. However the book is a heavy read and you need to concentrate when reading it. So you may need to read it again in order to gain all the information that you need. ...read more.

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