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Boot Camps, The Real Thing or Just Another Piece of Bologna?

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Persuasive Essay Boot Camps, The Real Thing or Just Another Piece of Bologna? Juvenile boot camps have been emerging more and more over the United States throughout the most recent years. At the rate they keep appearing, they seem as though they are here to stay. However, that might not be the truth quite yet. Several groups believe that they appear to be efficient and supportive to the youth at question. But the public foresees boot camps as senseless and inadequate. Juvenile boot camps do not always produce the results they are perceived to. Primarily, they are not reducing the amount of crime that is intended. Subsequently, these boot camps are wasting taxpayer's money while leading us to believe they are of great value to society. Last, the ending result isn't as outstanding as it should be. ...read more.


Thousands of dollars every year are spent on correctional programs, but are they well spent? " Boot camps would have to have hundreds of bed and stay would be limited to three months or the programs would be pointless" (Parent 91). As a taxpayer, with statistics and current data put before us, one would have doubts as to the dollars being spent on this program. How can a program that is filled with doubts succeed to help the youth if it can't even convince others of its achievements? Boot camps can only reduce correctional coasts if participants are selected from the population already qualified for incarceration. Accordingly, by boot camps targeting those already qualified for incarceration they believe as though they are doing taxpayers a favor. However, boot camps should be able to put taxpayers dollars to good use without restrictions of any kind. ...read more.


Youths need to be given individual attention as to self-esteem, inner feelings, and the ability to work through problems. Positive reinforcement and continual positive out comes along with a positive environment tend to create greater independent youths. Even though youth boot camps now seem to be a growing and popular solution to youth crime, they may not be the best long-term or cost efficient solution. As of today, there are many other programs that can be utilized to solve this growing problem of youth crime. Many of these other programs deal with helping youths to clean up their acts and teach them to be more responsible adults as well as training them for a future of a crime free life. These programs help to stop the problem before it may begin. First and foremost, boot camps do not lessen the youth crime rate. Next, they have become more costly as time goes by and last; teens tend to show no improvement after finishing the program. ...read more.

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