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Compare and Contrast the NW (Amazonia) and the SE (Sao Paulo District) of Brazil

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Katie Hince 9x2 Geography Essay 15/6/04 Compare and Contrast the NW (Amazonia) and the SE (Sao Paulo District) of Brazil In this essay I intend to compare and contrast the region of North West Brazil to South East Brazil. The purpose of this essay is to see if dependent on which area of Brazil you are situated in reflects on the education, health care etc. you are provided with / can receive. The location of Brazil is that of which Brazil occupies almost one half of the entire South American continents, and is the fifth largest countries in the world. It borders all Latin American countries except Chile and Ecuador. Brazil also occupies 7,491km coastline and the 50,000km navigable inland waterways. Brazil has many large cities the top 6 most populated are Sau Paulo, Rio Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Brasilia in that order. The main city of North West Brazil and that is the country that I will mainly focus on and the main cities of south east Brazil are Rio Janeiro and Sau Paulo and they are the cities I will focus on for the south east part of this essay. ...read more.


It is made up of the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The judicial branch is made up of judges. They make sure that he laws are fair. Education in Brazil can vary between areas such as in Amazonia For this reason many schools were built in the villages' local towns and run by volunteer teachers as they had no financial backing. This is different in the south east because e the schools there have financial backing and are in larger more productive atmosphere this is so because it is a larger and a larger cities it has colleges and universities which can help children get more out of life and to help with their future and is more inclined to do this because the up growing city is based on education and without one you are not likely to succeed in the up and coming city and all that comes with it where as in Amazonia an education isn't needed as much as it is the city this is because you generally don't need to be educated ...read more.


get anything repaired and they don't have to pay taxes so this is the best way for people to earn a living if they are uneducated. Brazil's climate is very warm and most of the country does not get cold even in winter. Although it is hot, there is often heavy rain. The region around the Amazon rainforest is close to the equator. The average temperature there is about 27decreese centigrade. Rainforests are also very humid and get far more rain then anywhere else, which is how they get their name. Brazil is on the opposite side of the equator to Europe and the USA, and in the northern half of the globe, above the equator. Brazil and Australia are in the southern half of the globe. When it is winter in London and New York, it is summer in Brazil and Sydney. In conclusion to this essay I have found out that the North West (Amazonia) is not as well appreciated/ recognized and so doesn't receive the resources it requires in compares to the South East of Brazil. ...read more.

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