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Consumerism, what are its implications to the wider society?

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Consumerism, what are its implications to the wider society? People's identity is related to what they have. Nearly every product on the market is directed towards a certain group of people, whether it is based on their gender, age, or even their income level. Trying to target a particular group of people is one of advertisers biggest concerns. Some products, such as make-up, are always directed at females ranging from teenagers to middle age women, other products such as cars are usually directed at middle-age males. Advertisers could not care less who buys their product, but directing their ads towards a certain group of people will result in higher sales. Though there are exceptions to the statement, "you are what you buy", the product a consumer purchases is generally based on either their gender, age, or income level, just as the marketer intended. The majority of products on the market today are directed towards either a male or a female. Different toys, clothing, make-up, and even cars are just a few of the products normally directed towards a particular gender. Whether the advertisement has a male in it or it has a setting in the woods, it is clearly implying that the product is targeted towards males. ...read more.


The age group of the population targeted is another one of the bases for advertisements. Certain things like vacations, furniture, and cars are all directed towards certain age groups. Some items may have a very large range of age groups they target, where different items will just single out a narrow range of age groups. Normally vacations are directed towards a more narrow age group of people, particularly the middle ages because they are the age group who are most likely to be able to afford a vacation. Younger people normally do not have the extra money to spend on a vacation, so advertisers generally target the middle-age generation with families, who probably would spend the most money. Middle-age people are not the only ones, who can afford a vacation, but in general they have more money to spend; therefore they represent the group who purchases the vacations. Similar to vacations, furniture is also usually targeted towards the middle-age generation, for the same reason, they are the ones who can most likely afford it. Again this does not mean that anyone who is younger can not afford nice furniture, but that the majority of consumers who purchase expensive furniture are middle age. ...read more.


Economical or used cars are usually directed towards people of all income levels, because nearly everyone with a driver's license needs a car. Electronics are another product that attempts to attract a diverse group of consumers. Generally all electronic departments offer a large variety of price tags because almost everyone has electronics of some value, from equipment for extravagant or wealthy people, to equipment for people who are more economical or have a lower income. Both consumers' identities are revealed when the extravagant person tends to save up and purchase more expensive, better quality items, or when the conservative person tries to get the most for their money. Generally people get their first impression of others, based on the products they appear in or with. This is not always a fair interpretation of a person, but unfortunately that is the way it usually works. Because "you are what you buy", sometimes the people with a better image on the outside get more opportunities than the person does with the better image on the inside, which is sad, but true. Whether it is voluntary or involuntary, in most cases the consumer's identity is reflected upon by the products they purchase, as far as the gender, age, or budget of that consumer is concerned. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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