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Cops on the box, there are three main types of crime dramas, they are a series, a serial and the occasional drama.

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Media Studies Coursework Cops On The Box Section 1 Knowledge and understanding. There are many different types of crime dramas that appeal to different audiences; there are three main types of crime dramas, they are a series, a serial and the occasional drama. The series is a programme like CSI or Silent Witness; these programmes are shown on TV once a week. These programmes consist of the same characters but there is a different story line each time. This kind of programme can be made very cheaply as they will use the same locations each week. In CSI the main locations are the laboratory and HQ. They can also have main characters that will be given a contract. Other Characters brought in for single episodes will be played by less well-known characters. The serial drama is almost the same as a series as it uses the same characters and locations, except the fact that the story line will carry on into the next episode. ...read more.


There are exceptions like the News, which may have scenes that could offend young children; they must give a content warning. Also if there is a sudden change in the tone of the programme that is unavoidable there should be a clear warning. This is why different types of crime dramas are shown at different times because different shows may contain different tones. Section 2 Analysis Over the years crime dramas have changed. The media represents people in different ways with this general publics view of the police have been changed too. They could have once been portrayed as a helpful, friendly member of the community. Nowadays they can be associated with drug, sexual relations and being criminals, more than actually catching the criminals. CSI A modern Crime Drama is CSI. CSI is based on the daily happenings at Las Vegas Forensic Lab. The crimes that happen around Las Vegas are generally murders that sometimes have leads to other crimes. Many of the crimes are far fetched. They use very high tech equipment, they precisely the correct clues. ...read more.


It is more like a Hollywood film than your traditional police programme. It uses tracking cameras and fades and dissolves which look slick and stylish as it is in the movies. The representation of police in CSI is very positive, so they obviously don't seem very corrupt, as Grissom is always seen as being calm and professional. The programme very rarely delves into the main characters personal lives. This detaches it from any relation to a soap drama. The main characters in CSI are Captain Jim Brass is in charge of the police. Gill Grissom, Warrick Brown, Sarah Sidle, Nick Stokes and Catherine Willows are main characters that work in the crime lab. Only occasionally is there a hint of a further relationship blooming between any of the main characters. There is an on going thing between Sarah and Grissom, but this has been very slight and only happens once a series. The Shield. The shield is much more dramatic and realistic than CSI. They do this by representing the police in a completely different light to CSI. They represent the police as more human, showing their faults. They had a great involvement in drug trafficking. ...read more.

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