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Corporal Punishment.

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Corporal Punishment Essay Writing to Argue. Corporal punishment is a tough and good form of retribution. It is very effective and is likely to influence misbehaving youths. It has been proven to be more successful because the rate of crimes committed by youths has risen immensely since corporal punishment was abolished. This also proves an objecting argument of it influencing violence, incorrect. The sympathetic types of punishment are not even half as successful as corporal punishment and therefore it should be reinstated if the crime rate is to be reduced. Crime committed by youths has risen by 64% since the abolishment of corporal punishment; this has caused multiple social problems in many different communities. It has created a lot more work for police and other emergency services. ...read more.


It isn't fair for money that can be used for necessary schooling equipment is wasted on children who have only a need for disruption, annoyance and irritation. The only plausible solution is to reinstate this form of punishment. The re-instatement of corporal punishment may also teach youths to show the necessary respect to adults that is needed. A lot of children have less respect for their elders now because adults have less power over them. The only type of punishment parents can use outside of the home is verbal. Meaning this lack in respect is not only due to the punishment methods in school but outside also. Nowadays there are so many ways a child can get their parents in trouble there is little that a guardian can do to gain respect from their own child let alone others! ...read more.


In conclusion corporal punishment is not a cruel form of discipline but a successful and well thought out way to punish. In this essay many aspects and possible outcomes of corporal punishment have been explored and there is less reasoning against corporal punishment than there is for. For example; the increase in violence, the lack of respect and the disruptive classroom manor that has become more serious since the abolishment. If corporal punishment doesn't get re-instated the violence increase is going to get worse. The way forward is to bring back corporal punishment even if it is just to a few of the worst record schools so there is a chance of the crime rate and youth's behaviour decreasing. ...read more.

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