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CRIME IN THE WINDY CITY - organised gangs in Chicago

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´╗┐Organized Crime in the Windy City Alberto A. Gomez Known for its long period of criminal activity and rise to becoming one of the strongest crime entities, the Chicago Outfits are one of the most notorious and infamous organized groups that had ever hit Chicago. From the time it rose from Mike McDonald to the fall of Al Capone?s Chicago, this group has successfully continued to grow and rein the streets of Chicago. The structure of this group and criminal activities have made a dent if America?s society. According to Michael Maltz, ?An organized crime is a crime in which there is more than one offender, and the offenders are and intend to remain associated with one another for the purpose of committing crimes.? (Abadinsky 2) ...read more.


They broke it down into eight attributes that include and not limited to the following: no political goals, hierarchical, limited/exclusive membership, unique subculture, perpetuates itself, use of violence, monopolistic and governed by explicit rules and regulations. However the term is defined, all three prove that it is a group of more than one individual working together to commit a series of crime that is done in a matter that is planned out. The structure on organized crime in Chicago is based on the group called the ?Chicago Outfits? which are made up of ?made? members. According to Lindberg, ?the term ?made? comes from La Cosa Nostra terminology and requires a blood ritual. ...read more.


Your life does not belong to you anymore; your life belongs to them.? (Abadinsky 86) Membership into the crime group is exclusive only to family members of the father?s side that can range from immediate members to distant members, but as long as they have blood ties to the boss, this secures the possibility of undercover agents infiltrating the family crime group. The ?made? guys hold senior advisory status while everyone else is a worker. Unlike the organized crime groups in New York, Chicago crime groups are more cooperative with other groups that are usually dominated by Italians. ...read more.

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