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Criminal Statistics.

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CRIMINAL STATISTICS INTRODUCTION Criminal statistics are the records of crime committed which is Recorded by the police and is compiled by the police used. This Statistical data allows the Police Department a view of crime Trends, criminal conduct, and acts as a tool for crime Analysis purposes. These statistics allows the Police department to predict and plan, they provide a Perspectives as to certain offences and certain neighbourhoods in which criminal behaviour occurs. Although Statistics assist in identifying criminal conduct they alone are not the sole determining factor for predicting the City's public safety needs and to discover is crime cutting down as some of this may not be true this is due because only a small proportion of crimes are reported to the police for example someone wouldn't report it to the police because its too embarrassing or too trivial etc.... The difference between official statistic of crime and what actually occurs is known as the dark figure. There are three stages in compiling official statistics. * The reporting of crime - for the police to know a crime has been committed somebody has to tell them and not all crimes are reported. * The recording of crime - even if the police have been informed that a crime has been committed by a member of the public, they may not decide to record it. ...read more.


look after their children and family while the men has more social time as they are busy finding a job and when they are unemployed their only last resort is to commit crime. From the victim survey men are more likely to be a victim of crime then women because they earn more money then women and people respect women more then men. ETHNICITY From the self report survey black afro Caribbean are more likely to commit crime then any other ethnicity compared to white and Asians. The black Afro Caribbean had 60%, Asians had 30% and white British had 10%. This is because that it is there only last resort because some of them haven't got a job because some jobs are racist and probably only employ white British people so they choose to commit crime. From the victim survey white British is the most likely to be a victim of crime. The white British had 50%, Asians had 30% and black Afro Caribbean had 20%.The reason for this is the white British earn more money then any other ethnicity and there are mass population of white British then any other ethnicity. CLASS From the self report survey the lower class and working class are most likely to commit the most crime. ...read more.


Looking at information of books and the internet a shows the truth of criminal statistics that police and the government tend to make their figures lower in crime, so it makes the public think they are doing their job right but to me it's actually making the society more dangerous by not showing the right figure; this is a very worrying issue if we don't know the right figure because we cant tell whether the police are really protecting the public and is it safe to go out with worrying the possibility of being a victim of crime. In this project I have found it hard to interview people because most people was embarrassed to say whether they have committed crime or been a victim of crime so that's why I only interviewed ten people, also looking back at the project there was many different figures of criminal statistics in the secondary source so I didn't know which one was true or false but in a way most of the figures are false as nothing is always 100% accurate. Overall this project has been a difficult task as I had difficulties of what kind of primary research to find out for myself but in the end I still mange to find the information I wanted so I think I have done the task but not the best for my standard. KELVIN SY ...read more.

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