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Discuss the Significance and Range of Cultural Representation in Film.

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Discuss the Significance and Range of Cultural Representation in Film The issue of 'significance' throws open many questions: e.g. Film is about entertainment. Isn't entertainment just for fun? Are they harmless? Stereotypes are different social, racial and cultural groups which have a certain connotation they are known for and seen in society as. For example, a blonde person is seen as dumb, a male is seen as dominating and a woman is seen to only belong in the kitchen. Stereotypes are a small or large group of people being labelled as something which, more often than not, isn't true. What we see can lead to stereotypes. People believe what they see and relate it to real life. Traditionally, Hollywood action films represent cultural groups stereotypyically. However some post modern films are slowly changing for the better in a feminist and post colonial way. Compared to this, British Film4 and French cinema portray a more realistic image of cultural groups. The three films I will be analyzing and comparing are 'James Bond', 'Terminator 2' and 'East is East'. James Bond was chosen as it is stereotypically an action/hero film. For example, the dashing, smart hero and the beautiful sexy female sidekicks are representative of the general idea of a spy and the 'Bond Girls'. ...read more.


Some however tried to provoke support for the government in its war against terrorism. Other newspapers wanted you to feel sad and repeated earlier pictures of the disaster with supporting pictures of relatives left behind. That is Media Driven Mass Hysteria, when a form of media makes a large group of people feel a certain way about something all at once. Another example of this is the coverage of the murders of children Holly and Jessica. Murders of women, men and children happen every day, but this particular murder was concentrated on great detail as was the murder of Sara Payne. No-one knows why this particular murder was picked. The picture of the two girls was in every newspaper, all over the television and their names constantly mentioned on the radio. Everyone lived in fear of their own child being taken and the suffering it would cause. Most of all it provoked an interest in who the killer could be and a strong sense of needing to help the police find out. Media Driven Mass Hysteria is where a form of media makes a group of people feel a certain way about an incident or point of view. ...read more.


He breaks every rule of his religion. Meenah, the daughter, challenges gender stereotypes as she is a tomboy and very scruffy and not sexy. She also challenges culture stereotypes in the same way as girls of her race are often considered to be subservient, feminine and mysterious. The traditional stereotypes of Asians, Blacks, Whites, Females, Males and Homosexuals: Asians: Cooking, restaurants, corner shops, turbans, bindis, family, strong culture and food. Blacks: Drugs, guns, gangs, gangsters, very rich or very poor. Whites: Post, stuck-up, 'crumpets and tea', beautiful women, dashing men. Females: Should only be in the kitchen, weak, dresses, dominated by men. Males: Not very nice people, dominating, chauvanistic, women beaters, strong, have very high powered jobs or no job at all. Homosexuals: Effeminate men, manly women, promiscuous, listen to cheesy pop music (e.g. Abba, Steps), have HIV and AIDS. The Television stereotypes of the same group: Asians: Very strict religions, food places, good children of the same religion, arranged marriages. Blacks: Hip Hop/Rap/RnB music, the 'ghetto', poor, drugs, guns, crime and poorly educated. Whites: Typical english accent, post, have a dream, rich, well educated. Females: Beautiful, very thin, big chested, hopeless, damsel in distress, dumb. Males: Dominant, strong, muscley, hero, gentleman. Homosexuals: Slim, camp voice, likes pop music, is attacted to every other man, weak. ...read more.

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