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Education is a means of brainwashing a society and reinforcing prejudice. Do you agree?

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English Essay: Education is a means of brainwashing a society and reinforcing prejudice. Do you agree? Education is the institutionalisation of an utterly subjective point of view about myriad different areas of knowledge (commonly accepted 'facts') upon an individual. Now it is arguable if it is right to indoctrinate an individual with a subjective account about certain cases. It is also doubtless that education always enforces prejudice, as it cannot be told just objectively. (this is simply not in the nature of human beings) Generally a society does need education, because without education there could never be criticism or the discussion if something is right or wrong; mankind would be reduced to its normal animal-like schemes of behaviour, which would basically mean 'the right of the stronger'. Nevertheless education is also a powerful tool of oppression, in the sense that a whole society can be manipulated through the indoctrination of certain areas of knowledge or values, which are just beneficial for a minority. So the biggest arguable point about education is its natural subjectivity. The power to institutionalise knowledge or educate can be misused by certain regimes to create a society of slaves. ...read more.


Higgins, whose social position is significantly better than hers. "(...) Eliza: you are to live here for the next six months, learning how to speak beautifully like a lady in a florist's shop (...)": to get into the higher middle-class Strata, education is essential and so a tool of pressurizing an individual that has no choice that to accept the conditions. So education has to be accessible for every stratum, not just for a minority because this would again lead to oppression, due to the fact that knowledge is power. This can also be observed in our present Western world, where higher education can be gained with capitalist power, meaning money. If we regard this issue from the global point of view, on can see how our Western world exhaust the 3rd world, and keep it down in order to profit from their cheap working forces. This withholding of knowledge gives the Western states a position of enforcing its imperialistic politics on other populations. Moreover the knowledge is also essential to express criticism, which is not being in given in these backward countries. In the Iraq for example, a whole population is being oppressed by a corrupt and oppressive regime; however, instead of opposing the regime on the streets or express a sense of resistance, the whole population is fascinated by the leader and adores him. ...read more.


Again we can observe this at out present society, thus in another way. Christian values are the basics of our society; laws like "You shall not kill" make a social living-together possible. These basics are being taught virtually from birth on. So we here have the example of how education is a pillar of our society, upon everything is based. Summing everything up, in conclusion it can be stated that education is essential for any individual; if there is none, no right/wrong discussion can emerge and so no criticism. This circumstance can be used by regimes to use education as a powerful and highly effective tool to manipulate a population. Doubtlessly education enforces prejudice; however to what extend this is objectively assessed or just imposed on an individual, that has nothing else to believe in, depends on the governing regime. In communism for example people are brainwashed and subjective beliefs are institutionalised upon them; however, to gain the ability to express criticism or an opinion and so prevent oppression, education is essential. The insidious increase of ignorant stupidity, caused by the malign influence of individuals/groups is the disease infiltrating a society and can only be fought with objective education. 1 English SL Hans Kossmann ...read more.

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