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Evaluate the contribution of Marxist thought and understanding of the development of the family

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Evaluate the contribution of Marxist thought and understanding of the development of the family Overall Marxists see the family as serving to maintain the position of the ruling class. Marxists see the family as a very important institution for the ruling class as it creates part of the superstructure and therefore is responsible for passing on norms and values. However Marxist have developed a very negative view on the family and its teachings. Marxists such as Fredrick Engel's came up with the theory, "the origins of the family", this was his idea of how the family developed throughout time and it gave an understanding of why it developed. Primitive Communism was stage 1 where property was owned collectively and there were no restrictions with sexual relationships and mainly an extended family. Then as the family moved through stages feudalism and then capitalism more restrictions were placed on the family such as sexual restrictions, this eventually led to the creation of the monogamous nuclear family. ...read more.


Radical feminists have another view of the family they believe that it is patriarchal they claim that within the family the majority of the domestic labour is done by women and it is also unpaid labour which therefore benefits capitalism. Radical feminist also believe that roles within the family are still segregated and women are expected to do some jobs and males to do others which is unequal, women most the time do all domestic labour and emotional labour whereas the male partner doesn't do as much. However this theory is often seen as very extreme since it varies in all societys, it depends on the social class the experience, ethnicity and also age Marxists also see the woman of the family as the expressive leader of the household giving them the title of "housewife", which means workers are cared for and are healthy. ...read more.


personalities, he doesn't believe that an institution can teach those irreducible functions and that it is the job of the family to do so. Overall the family is seen in society as a vital part of society to function. Marxists see the family as propping up capitalism supplying it with healthy workers and buying the goods produced by capitalism, and for the bourgeoisies the family is seen as a investment seeing as it will insure that their property will be passed on to their heirs also to control women. Functionalism sees the family as being very important for teachings of social norms and values also for the stabilisation of adult personalities. Radical feminists believe that the family is male dominated and serves capitalism without anything in return, also that the family is male dominated still to this day and age and that roles within the family aren't shared equally roles are still segregated between males and females. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ajit Khela ...read more.

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