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evaluate the fact that there is still inequality in the workplace in modern industrial societies.

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´╗┐As a sociologist, Ann Oakley claimed about her historical perspective in british societies, she said there were several factors that affected women. At first women, men and children worked together as a unit production in small factories. All earned small amounts of money as a family. But then which factories were bigger developed where men could work because of their physical strength. The women and children were also employed but at a lower pay level. All the domestic work such as cooking, washing, cleaning etc were done by unmarried women. Slowly as acts came upon later, new laws stated against child labour. So the children had to stay home. Slowlywomen working also declined as they had to stay at home and look after the children. ...read more.


Anyone can do anything if they have the talent and motivation. If they do not climb the occupational ladder, it means they lack the talent. But now, the marxist feminist fight against patriarchy where men hold higher ranks, status and recognition. They support and they are the head of the family. Feminists, like marxist feminist understand the problem that oppresses men which would affect women. Men usually take their frustration from work and release it onto their wife. They try to understand and solve problems of patriarchy by fair means, and without hurting anybody. Liberal feminist also look at these problems but are sometimes against men. They are against the act of patriarchy but solve it using different means. ...read more.


He talks about the women are mother-housewife roles, so hence women?s career is discontinuous because they need to look after the baby. Men are recognised as the primary earner and women as secondary income. Hence men need to payed higher. In order to be successful, one should be able to travel all along the world hence be geographically mobile, where women cannot do that because of their children they need to look after. The mean are geographically mobile. Due to this, since women are dependant on men for income, they need to tag along. Hence they would have to accept any job available in the new place, which would be a low wage system. But as we know, gender inequality takes place, it is because of the physiological and cultural differences that seperate both the sexes. ...read more.

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