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Evaluate the use of official statistics as a source of information on crime.

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´╗┐Title ?Evaluate the use of official statistics as a source of information on crime.? Name: Abu Ashif Mohammad Aminuzzaman (Rupok) Module Name: Introduction to Criminology Word Count ? 461 words In this essay, the use of official statistics as a source of information on crime is evaluated. There are many ways of recording crime statistics; they are British Crime Survey, Police Recorded Crimes, and Self-Report Study. British Crime Survey, now known as Crime Survey for England and Wales as Scotland is no longer included, provides information on crime and victimization through a victimisation survey. ...read more.


Only three out of hundred British Crime Surveys result in the offender being convicted[2]. Police Recorded Crimes are reported to the police. Theses statistics provide a good overview of trends in well-reported crimes. They are an important indicator of police workload and can be used for analysing local crime patterns.[3] The disadvantages of Police recorded crimes are that the statistics are only those that are recorded, minor offences are not recorded and approximately and only 57% of all crimes that are reported, fail to appear in the official statistics.[4] Self-report Study consists of a survey in which the respondents report on aspects of the offences they have committed over a period of time. ...read more.


However, crimes such as fraud, domestic violence and child abuse are less likely to appear in self-report studies. There is also the ?dark figure? or ?hidden figure? of unrecorded crimes. To understand why the dark figure of crime escapes exact measurement, realize that for a crime to be officially recorded, three things must happen: someone must be aware that a crime has been committed; someone must report that crime; and the police must accept that a law has been violated.[5] Many sexual offences such as rape are not reported or recorded due to the reputation of the victim. Both the official sources and Self-report studies produces a partial statistics of crime and this leads to a one-sided view of the social characteristics of offenders. ...read more.

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