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Examine sociological explanations of difference in the educational performance of ethnic minorities in Britain.

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Examine sociological explanations of difference in the educational performance of ethnic minorities in Britain. There are many cultural explanations into why the educational performance of ethnic minorities in Britain can be determined. However, like any kind of pupil gender, ethnicity and class make a considerable difference to the educational achievement of ethnic minorities in Britain. The idea of labelling and stereotyping pupils due to there ethnic class is easily identified and in the case of ethnic minorities such things as the language barrier, different cultural beliefs and family beliefs should be especially considered these factors can therefore perpetuate these labels. Language is not always the first language of some ethnic minority households in Britain today. Even still a type of cultural diversity exists in ethnic households. Ballard noticed that extended family households were common in minority ethnic groups. These tended to be originating from South Asia: Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Ballad noticed lots of differences between these families compared to the white majority. ...read more.


This research was carried out within the school and was based on the ideas of labelling and how the teacher can affect the educational performance of minorities in Britain. Wright in 1986 also investigated this case; he studied secondary schools focusing on the interaction between the teacher and pupil. He again noticed how Afro-Caribbean children were being characterised and found that they were often placed in academic bands and exam sets that did not reflect there potential. Wright, again in 1992 researched four multicultural schools and found out that these children were unintent ally being discriminated, teachers held stereotypical ideas of certain minorities. For example the stereotype of Asian girls being seen as quiet and submissive and therefore being considered as invisible in class, the stereotype that Afro-Caribbean boys being seen as having behaviour problems and have a low potential, resulting in conflict with teachers and having a very low opinion of school. These tendencies surely are apparent to the government as these patterns in statistics occur time and time again. ...read more.


However I agree with Mac and Ghaill, institutional racism very obviously exists. Social class could also be considered as an explanation into the educational performance of these pupils. The sociology into this is that Indians and Africans do well educationally due to being predominately middle class, tendency's rub off on theses children. Bangladeshis and Afro-Caribbean's under perform due to being predominantly working class. This can be argued that the if majority of Afro-Caribbean come from working class backgrounds therefore it is reasonable to assume they will suffer the same cultural disadvantages of white or any other ethnic working class group. In conclusion all these tendencies can be detected as an explanation into the educational performance of ethnic minorities in Britain. It has become apparent that these ethnic minorities all have different attitudes towards school. This is largely due to the amount of racism and stereotyping that still exists In British education today. Examining these issues it becomes apparent how a fundamental change is becoming necessary. The idea of equality and a multi-cultural society should be reinforced. . ...read more.

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