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Examine the New Right view of the family

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´╗┐Millie Morgan L6HJ Examine the new right SOT of the family The new right perspective comes from a group of thinkers who mainly share the same values and ideas, from the conservative government. These thinkers believe that the nuclear family is the ideal family in society, and therefore is the bedrock of society. The views of the new right are in keeping with the functionalist views. The new right thinkers are opposed to many things in modern society, such as the decline of the nuclear family, and the rise in the numbers of couples that now cohabite and the number of marriages that now end in divorce. They believe many things are undermining the nuclear family. There are four main features of new right, the emphasis on individual freedom and choice, reduced spending by the state, free markets which encourage competition and the importance of tradition values and institutions. The new right believe that the family promotes decency, manners, respect for property and the law. ...read more.


by his condition, for example, long term unemployment, but by his deplorable behaviour in response to that condition, for example, unwilling to take jobs that are available to him? therefore Murray is stating that the welfare state is being exploited and misused by certain people in society, and this then creates a generation of people who are socialized to do the same. Murrays theory has faced some criticism however, with other sociological parties theories arguing that the new right ?blames the victim? and stigmatizes lone parent families, blaming them for problems such as unemployment and growing crime rates in young people. While functionalists agree to an extent that the nuclear family should remain the dominant family in society they disagree to an extent that modern society is undermining the values of the family, and believe that the family contributes to the needs of wider society. The feminist sociological theory also criticises the new right way of thinking, claiming that their perspectives are outdated, and still ignore gender inequality and abuse within the family, allocation traditional gender roles and the failure to accept growing diversity within the family unit. ...read more.


conducted a study which consequently argued that children who grow up without a father figure in their lives are more likely to make poorer life choice, have poorer health and have lower educational attainment than children who grow up in two parent families. This means that lone parent families are not an alternative to the nuclear family as there is a lack of adequate primary socialisation. They argued that boys are more likely to be affected by this due to the lack of male role model in their lives. This then leads to a generation of men who lack responsibility and leads to antisocial behaviour both in and out of the family, and may lead to their own children growing up without a father. Therefore, the new right would argue that families without fathers cost the state more in the way of benefits, health care and education costs. In conclusion, the new right view of the family is that the nuclear family is the ideal family in society as it is more likely to cost the state less, by encouraging good primary socialisation and therefore meaning less benefits, less lone parent families, more workers and a lower crime rate. ...read more.

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