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'Examine the role of the public services in the English legal system.'

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Law and the Legal system. 'Examine the role of the public services in the English legal system.' For this assignment I am going to explain the roles of the police in the English legal system and also compare and analyse them to two other public services in the English legal system. The police have a major role in the English legal system. Their main roles are these: * Crime Detection * Crime Prevention * Preserving the Queen's peace * Obtaining and giving evidence * Investigating sudden or suspicious deaths. The police need to do all of these to play their role in the system. Crime Detection. Everyday the police are involved in crimes of different sorts, e.g. burglaries, theft, deaths, arson, harassment, drunk and disorderly, fraud, rape, stalkers, GBH, drugs, missing persons, abductions, etc. Most of these crimes the police need to do some detective work to figure out the crime and what actually happened. To do this they need to find all the evidence they can on the crime and to find out all the suspects that are possibly involved. To detect a crime they need to search the area fully looking for clues and information that could help them find the culprit. They could also use forensics to help them with blood samples or cloth samples if that's what they found at the crime scene. ...read more.


Investigating sudden or suspicious deaths. If a sudden or suspicious death occurs then the police sometimes need to get involved to find out what happened if it's not of natural causes. To do this they need to cordon off the area or building that the person was found in, and look for all the evidence they can find to prove that it was a murder or a suicidal death. Once they have found all the evidence they could possibly find they go backwards in having to detect the crime and find out what happened. I am also going to explain the roles of the fire service and ambulance service. The main roles of the fire service in the English legal system are to: * Investigate arson * Inspections of premises and issuing of licenses. * Operational * Fire protection and enforcement * Investigating arson. If an arson attack occurs the fire service are usually the first on the scene, closely followed by the police who need to investigate it. Once they have put the fire out they need to find out the cause of the arson and if they can any clues that lead to who started it and why. This is where the police come in and help them out as they need to work together to solve the crime. ...read more.


Medical evidence. If something serious happens to a patient the ambulance service need to be able to get all of the evidence about that person to help them decide the cause of their death. To do this they need to find out all the details of that person so they would be able to find out their entire medical history that is relevant and any doctors' notes that they would need to know. Al the services play an important role in the English legal system no matter how small or big it is, it's all of the same importance. You would think that the police have the biggest role to do, which they do have but they also have enough officers and staff to do their job properly, where as the ambulance and fire brigades jobs are just as Important but they don't need to do as many jobs as the police to keep there roles working properly. The main difference between the police, the fire and the ambulance service is that the ambulance and fire deal with situations after they have happened where as the police try to stop situations from happening in the first place. The main roles of all of them are explained above but they are all as important as each other, along with plenty more services that play a part in the English legal system, and the English legal system wouldn't work properly if it was missing one of these services. ...read more.

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