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Explain how a Christian would want a criminal who committed a crime to be treated.

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Name one crime you consider to be serious. Explain how a Christian would want a criminal who committed this crime to be treated. (A02 - lifestyle) One crime that I consider to be serious is murder. In our society today there are various punishments for crimes committed in our society. However I believe for the seriousness of this crime that a prison sentence is a fair and Christian punishment. Many people believe that for a murder capital punishment should take place. However all Life is sacred and God made life so only God can take it. A prison sentence is an ideal form of punishment in a Christian's eyes because it keeps the person who may be a danger to society of the streets; it enables the person who has committed the murder ...read more.


We should not be like the brother in the parable of the prodigal son. There are four aims of punishment retribution; this aims to take revenge on the criminal, to make them suffer for their crimes. Deterrence, aims to stop criminals from repeating their crimes, to make an example of the criminal to stop others from committing similar crimes. Protection, aims to safeguard the society. The criminal's freedom is limited so that they would find it very difficult to repeat the crime. Reformation aims to change criminals so that they no longer want to commit crimes. For a person who has committed the crime of murder then a punishment of a prison sentence is a Christian punishment in which no one is at risk and the criminal has his freedom taken away. ...read more.


Many have wondered just how far the famous "turn the other cheek" instruction from Jesus Christ should go in everyday Christian Living. Does it mean that we must allow ourselves to be defenseless victims of every thief or attacker that may come along? "Turn the other cheek" is an important rule for Christians because, as Jesus Christ said as they were brutally killing Him, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34). This shows that as Christians we should be more forgiving towards all people even if they hurt us. People should be given a second chance and we as Christians should allow these people the chance to reform. So they can change and have a second chance at life. We should not prejudge or discriminate those who have sinned. Jesus told us 'Love your neighbour as yourself' Catherine Ling ...read more.

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