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Explain your understanding of the principle sociological perspectives using the relevant terminology.

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´╗┐Anya Hastings Sociology: Task 1 Explain your understanding of the principle sociological perspectives using the relevant terminology. In this assignment I am going to describe the key sociological perspectives that have been used to describe and understand societies and the way people behave within that society. Functionalism: This is a structuralism theory where they have interest and understanding in the main institutions in society; these include family, education, health services, the economy and some political parties. Structuralisms are concerned with how all of these link with each other and how they influence people and their ?normal? behaviour in society. Functionalism?s have a very open approach and sees social intuitions at their best when they are working in harmony together, this then allows society to see individuals who are making an effort towards living in there society or community. Marxism: Marxism is a conflict and structural sociological perspective; it was first developed by Karl Marx (1818-1883). ...read more.


Interactionism: Interactionism is the sociological approach which influences that small groups shapes our behaviour and the way we interpret things rather than the power of large institutions. Interactionists usually study diverse groups such as teenage gangs, patients and visitors in hospitals or social interaction in schools, they do this for a purpose and because they have an interest in the dynamics with those groups. They consider; how do different people see themselves? Do some have more power than others? We are the formal leaders? And are there some informal leaders who actually have power in the group? Interactionists see individuals as being influenced by the socialisation process however remaining the right to choose how they behave in society. In the family, a mother may understand what is expected of a ?good mother? but social action theorists believe that social roles are not defined because the society and the environments around us have changed, so therefore there is no real right or wrong. ...read more.


family? anymore as society has changed so much, the term ?family? varies in such a wide range, it can no longer be defined. Postmodernists believe that individuals and groups of people (communities) make their own individual lifestyle choices and it is no longer up to someone of a high class or occupation. Society has become independent from even small things such as a choice in leisure activities and consumer groups that are now available to buy freely. The new right: The new right implies that Margret thatcher stated that the welfare state was being taken advantage of and has never been challenged or questions before her election in 1979. The new right states that people have chosen to become completely dependent on the welfare state to look after themselves and the socialisation within their families. The welfare state was set up to help the vulnerable and those who simply cannot work an opportunity to on go and live independent lives. However since the welfare state has been addressed as problem that society are taking advantage of the welfare state, people are becoming more dependent on this financial support. ...read more.

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