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Examine the different functions performed by the family for individuals and for society

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Examine the different functions performed by the family for individuals and for society. George Murdock is one of the main sociologists that look at the functionalist theory. He came up with the idea that there are 4 basic functions to a family. The first being the sexual function, the second being the reproductive function. Third is the economic function and lastly the educational function. He believed that these were the main functions of a family both for society and the individuals. Some of the functions that are performed by the family that help individuals are; the elders set an example/role model for the younger children and also it will give children a sense of belonging and support. ...read more.


Also the family gives the children a stable environment that they can learn and grow in this helps with knowing what it acceptable in society and what is dysfunctional. As well as giving something to the children as individuals it gives the adults the support that they may need for other things, these two things both give a sense of belonging to the family and to society. The family is good for society as it provides the next generation, as in the reproductive function, and it teaches the values and norms which is the educational function. ...read more.


These are primary socialisation which is the process of learning the values and norms of society. The second on being that it establishes adult personalities, as the closeness of the nuclear family is providing support for the children to learn and grow this is sometimes referred to as the 'warm bath theory.' The New Right's view on the family is that the ideal family is that of the nuclear family. This is believed as they think that it is the right environment to raise children in, as from this children can see that divorce, teenage pregnancy and single parenthood is not helping society in any way. They think that this will therefore reduce the numbers of all those things. ...read more.

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