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For and Against Single-Sex Schools.

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FOR AND AGAINST SINGLE-SEX SCHOOLS. This debate is on whether single-sex schools are better or worse than co-educational schools. This debate is very popular and has been debated about it all over the world. Yet nobody has ever come up with the decision of which school is better. One big reason that people usually come up with when talking about which school is better is the fact that girls and boys try to impress the opposite sex instead of concentrating on their studies. This results to many things such as grades going down and less concentration on school. If a student is placed in a single-sex environment the students does not need to impress anyone because it's just boys or its just girls. The students in single-sex schools are always concentrating on their studies and there is a less chance of them being distracted. Researchers have also found that girls in single-sex schools tend to do better in their exams compared to the girls in co-educational schools. Reasons to this is again lack of concentration on studies and the other reason is that in a mixed environment boys are more louder and they are more dominating so they answer all the questions and they also get the most attention. Teachers sometimes favor their own gender in a co-educational school, if students were in single-sex schools there would be no such thing as favoring a gender because there would be only one gender in the school. ...read more.


In co-educational schools if girls start going out then sometimes they start concentrating more on their love life. If a certain guy dumps a certain girl then the girl may get depressed and think about committing suicide. The problem I have just mentioned may happen in very rare cases and can happen in both schools but they are more likely to happen in a co-educational school because boys and girls are living in the same environment. Many girls are also sexually harassed in co-educational schools by boys because the boys take advantage of girls. There was a study made in 1993 where 85% of the girls were harassed from grade 8 through grade 11. Girls are here to learn they should not be putting up with this sort of thing. On the other hand there is the co-educational school which also has its good things about it and its bad things. One major fact about co-educational schools is that the boys and girls are able to interact with each other. Boys and girls need to interact, as it is part of socializing and making friends. Girls who are not able to interact with boys in single-sex schools do not know how to interact with guys, they don't know what things to talk about. That's why most girls from single-sex schools tend to make wrong decisions when they grow up. ...read more.


There is no point in separating the two because when they go out into the world they wont find a section with just girls and a section with just boys. At the beginning of this debate I felt that co-educational schools were better and I know that my family believes in that also. I can still say that I feel that co-educational schools are better than single-sex schools. Yes sometimes I do feel uncomfortable saying things in the class because of the opposite sex. Even though there are studies talking about sexual harassment and that boys get more attention I do not feel that happens in our school and also I have not heard or seen anyone get sexually harassed though it may happen in other schools. I know that interacting with people of the opposite sex is very important but so is education and education is the real reason for being sent to school. Though I must say it depends on the type of person you are as well. If you know you are capable of socializing in a co-educational school and not get distracted from your studies than I don't see how a co-educational school is bad for you. Because all the points that talk about which school is better always refer to boys being the main problem for girls in co-educational school. I know that I am one of those people who do not get distracted from schoolwork. ...read more.

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