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Gender Represenation in Gossip Girl

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The media cannot present the world to us, despite their assertions of truth, reality and verisimilitude. In practice the media offer us perspectives or selected views on our world. They re-present that world to us by constructing images and behaviours for lots of different groups within, and indeed outside, our own society. So we are aware of families represented in a range of television soaps. We have knowledge of sportspeople through sports coverage in the press and on television programmes. We are dependent on the media for our insights into what it was like to live in a time before we were born. Our knowledge of other countries and lifestyles is usually based on media constructs. And so on. The context and the characters appearance in soap operas is important in defining representation for example women with blonde hair would be expected to be physically very attractive but dim and na�ve. ...read more.


So representation is not just about the way the world is presented to us but also about how we engage with media texts in order to interpret and assimilate such portrayals. This concept of representation is, therefore, just as much about audience interpretation as it is about the portrayals that are offered to us by the media. Another key media term tied in to representation is institution, because we need to consider the reasons why someone or some institution is presenting these images to us. How representations change over time and which points of view are left out or privileged in these representations might also be worthy of consideration. Interestingly the advertising media often give us a kind of social barometer of changing representations of social groups and trends. Think of the 'new man' or 'the independent woman' popularised by the car advertisers in particular. ...read more.


Gossip Girl takes place in New York City and deals with the socialite lifestyle. The characters attend an elite high school with the goal of attending elite, Ivy League colleges just as their parents did before them. The characters' parents in The OC come from new money and they are still just beginning their prominent careers, where as the parents in Gossip Girl come from old, inherited money. The families in Gossip Girl are similar to dynasties, where your name is everything and new comers are not welcome. Gossip Girl takes place in Upper East Side New York City, where the characters live in million dollar apartments and attend very prestigious, elite high schools. The only characters who do not live in the wealthy Upper East Side are the Humphreys, who live in a loft in Brooklyn. Both Dan and Jenny attend high school on a scholarship as their dad struggles to run his art gallery and let's go of his past as a member in a famous rock band. ...read more.

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