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Higher Education in the USA. Finishing school is the beginning of an independent life for millions of school graduates

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MINISTERSTVO OBRAZOVANIYA ROSSIJSKOJ FEDERACII VOLGOGRADSKIJ GOSUDARSTVENNYJ TEHNICHESKIJ UNIVERSITET KAFEDRA INOSTRANNYH YAZYKOV Semestrovaya rabota za 1 semestr Na temu: Higher education in the USA Vypolnil: student gruppy IVT-161, Vavilin A.YU. Proveril: Kratkaya recenziya: ...................................................................... ......... ...................................................................... ................................. ...................................................................... ................................. ...................................................................... ................................. Ocenka raboty___________________ballov. Volgograd 2003 Higher Education in the USA. Finishing school is the beginning of an independent life for millions of school graduates. Many roads are open before them. But it is not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than the 2000 existing in the world. Out of the more than three million students who graduate from high school each year, about one million go on for "higher education". Simply by being admitted into one of the most respected universities in the United States, a high school graduate achieves a degree of success. A college at a leading university might receive applications from two percent of these high school graduates, and then accept only one out of every ten who apply. Successful applicants at such colleges are usually chosen on the basis of : a) high school records; b) recommendations from high school teachers; c) the impression they make during interviews at the university; d) their scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT); The system of higher education in the United States is complex. It comprises four categories of institution: 1. ...read more.


Colleges and universities are the most important centers of such learning. And whatever improvements may be demanded, their future is almost guaranteed by the American thirst to advance and be well informed. In fact, the next charge in American education may be a trend for people to continue their education in college - for a lifetime. Vysshee obrazovanie v SSHA. Okonchanie shkoly - nachalo nezavisimoj zhizni dlya millionov molodyh lyudej, poluchivshih diplomy. Mnozhestvo dorog otkryto pered nimi. No ne tak legko vybrat' professiyu iz bolee dvuh tysyach suschestvuyuschih v mire. Iz bolee treh millionov uchaschihsya, okanchivayuschih ezhegodno srednyuyu shkolu, priblizitel'no odin million prodolzhaet poluchat' vysshee obrazovanie. Prosto, postupaya v odin iz naibolee prestizhnyh universitetov Soedinennyh SHtatov, vypuskniki srednej shkoly dostigayut bol'shego uspeha. Kolledzh kak veduschij universitet mog by prinimat' zayavleniya ot dvuh procentov vypusknikov srednej shkoly, i zatem prinimat' tol'ko odnogo iz kazhdyh desyati postupayuschih. Dlya uspeshnogo postupleniya v takie kolledzhi pretendenty obychno vybirayutsya na osnovanii sleduyuschih pokazatelej: a) vysokih ocenok v srednej shkole; b) rekomendacij ot prepodavatelej srednej shkoly; v) vpechatleniya, kotoroe oni proizvodyat na sobesedovanii v universitete; g) ih ballov v intellektual'nyh testah - Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT); Sistema vysshego obrazovaniya v Soedinennyh SHtatah slozhna. Ona vklyuchaet chetyre vida uchrezhdenij: 1. Universitet, kotoryj mozhet vklyuchat': - neskol'ko kolledzhej dlya postupivshih studentov, pretenduyuschih na chetyrehletnyuyu stepen' bakalavra; - odnu ili bolee shkol dlya prodolzheniya specializirovannogo obucheniya vyshe stepeni bakalavra, chtoby stat' specialistom ili poluchit' doktorskuyu stepen'; 2. ...read more.


Opredelenie Distinction - Razlichie Duration - Prodolzhitel'nost' E Elective - Izbiratel'nyj Emphasis - Akcent Employment - Zanyatost' Equal prestige - Ravnyj prestizh "Excessively vocational and work-related" - " CHrezmerno professional'no- tehnicheskij i svyazannyj s rabotoj " Exist - Suschestvovat' G Graduate - Diplomirovannyj specialist Government - Pravitel'stvo H Higher education - Vysshee obrazovanie I Impression - Vpechatlenie Independent - Nezavisimyj Interviews - Interv'yu Issued - Vypuschennyj L Lead - Liderstvo Majority - Bol'shinstvo Master's degree - Stepen' mastera Measure - Mera Mention - Upominanie Merely - Prosto Might - Mog by N National Institute of Education(NIE) - Nacional'nyj Institut Obrazovaniya Nuclear power - YAdernaya derzhava O Offer - Predlozhenie Obtain - Poluchit' Opinions - Mneniya Opportunities - Vozmozhnosti Outstanding - Vydayuschijsya P Painfully - Gluboko Particular - Specificheskij(osobennyj) Percent - Procent Perhaps - Vozmozhno Proper - Nadlezhaschij Provide - Obespechit' Public - Gosudarstvennyj(obschestvennyj) Puritans - Puritane Private - CHastnyj R Receive - Poluchit' Recently - Nedavno Recognized - Priznannyj Recommendations - Rekomendacii Regard - Otnoshenie Reinforce - Ukrepit' Respect - Uvazhenie S Satisfactory - Udovletvoritel'nyj Satisfied - Udovletvorennyj Seek - Iskat' Similar - Podobnyj Simply - Prosto Scholars - Uchenye Scientific research - Nauchnoe issledovanie Social mobility - Social'naya mobil'nost' Success - Uspeh T Traditional bind - Tradicionno svyazyvayut "The shared values and knowledge" - " Razdelennye cennosti i znanie " Q Quality of research facilities - Kachestvo sredstv obsluzhivaniya issledovaniya W Whether - Li Widespread - SHiroko rasprostranennyj Within - V predelah ...read more.

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