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How This Class Has Improved My Writing Skills

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Archer 1 Lyndsey Archer English 110 12.11.02 Dr. Vickers Final: How This Class Has Improved My Writing Skills In the beginning of the year, my writing skills were pretty poor. I was not getting good grades on any of the papers I had written. Mainly I needed help in the areas such as organizing my thoughts and putting them down on the paper in order, using run-on sentences entirely too much, and using MLA format correctly. I worked on all of these skills every time I tried to write a paper as the semester went by. ...read more.


I have devised a plan for this. Before I begin to write, I write down all of the possible thoughts I could have on the particular topic I am writing on. My high school teachers called this process brainstorming. I never thought this exercise, which seemed like such a pain in high school, would help me out in my writing so much. I can now go off on as many tangents in my head as I usually do when I am writing, and still be able to write a good paper because I organized my thoughts before I began to write. ...read more.


They just didn't have the spark they needed to make my papers any good. I do feel this class has improved my writing skills. I have much better grammar usage, MLA doesn't seem so complicated any more, my thoughts are more organized and I don't use run-on sentences as often. My grades were very poor in the beginning of the year, and toward the end, they started to get a little better. I have more confidence in my writing now and I don't always fear a bad grade. My writing may not be very good but it has improved and I am satisfied with my writing style. ...read more.

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