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How youths are portrayed in the media?

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Citizenship coursework B: How youths are portrayed in the media? Introduction I am going to write a peace of coursework on how young children and the media portrays young adults. I will see how different media pieces give their views on how the youth of today and how they portray them as thugs and disturbers of the peace or as obliging but misunderstood people. Development I am going to study the two pieces of media. The first one I will analyse is an article by BBC news Online: UK which was realest on Wednesday 20th of March 2002, the other piece is an article from Edinburgh evening news. It was written by Bernadette Monagham, it was released on Friday 27th August 2004 the first article is about how two youths were linked to nearly 100 crimes and back on the streets after evading custody. It also tell that their parents have been orders to leave their council houses, their houses were in an excuses zone. ...read more.


It also speaks about how offenders come from a background of no love given to them by there families. It says that young offenders haven't been given much attention and they commit crimes to have some attention of people and especially by their families. The attitude towards this article is that it is trying to put across the message that youth crimes are decreasing and the approach that the writer is using is by giving an example of a 10 year old and asking if it if fair to prosecuting someone of such a young age and what affects it will have on that person later on in life. The statistics show that Ms Monagham uses such places and people as the writer of the ASBOs, Apex Scotland, Audit Scotland and the Scottish exclusive on youth crimes. Own enquiry I have gave this matter further research and I have found that information given on the first article comes manly from politicians and they have either said that of wrote and just some common factors that has gone around on papers of on television. ...read more.


But they don't realise that all they are doing is creating a stereotype which will not only be used, it will also be remembered for many years to come. However the Monagham article has highlighted all of the above points that I have made as well as putting forward some more. E.g. she says that "we need to remember that the child of young person who is persistently offending today may become tomorrows neglecting parent," what she is saying here is that a child seeking attention and committing crimes may well be the parent who is ignoring their child and not showing love for them. If we keep saying that crime is increasing then it will increase because we're are showing weakness. We have to cover all the leaks and make no opportunities for this to happen and tell the truth in the articles and the press so that every one knows what is actually happing and have a better chance to stop their child falling down that road, or stopping them committing crimes. ...read more.

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