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In the piece of writing With No Boys To Ogle, We Had Time to Learn, by Christine Flowers she reveals her encounter of attending a singlesex school

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16/02/2014 ?With no boys to ogle, we had time to learn? critique: In the piece of writing ?With No Boys To Ogle, We Had Time to Learn?, by Christine Flowers. The reader reveals her encounter of attending a single-sex school and values it had. According to Flowers, that students in a single-sexed school are less distracted and can therefore focus more on education, which in return delivers a highly prosperous student. To begin with, schools can be organized into mixed schools or single-sexed. Mixed schools admit both females and males, while single-sexed schools accept only one of the genders. Both of these occurrences result in different advantages and disadvantage to the students. In a study carried out by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), resulted in no indication to state that single-sexed schools are more beneficial than mixed schools. (AAUW, Elizabeth). Moreover, Flowers argues that her fellow students at ?Byrn Mawr College? are ?brilliant, independent and focused.? They established such a reputation throughout their college experience with fellow girls that were ready to learn and succeed. ...read more.


She rather exploits her findings based on her own opinion and encounter, as well as people?s reactions to single-sexed education. The view from her dads friend of ?Why do you?chanting in Greek?, cannot be used as evidence simply because it is mere opinion, even though it disagrees without she is stating. Flowers is therefore not biased choice of experts or evidence to further strengthen her writing. Towards the end of the claim, Christine Flowers begins to lose hope of single-sexed schools ever becoming a main educational atmosphere. She also goes against her argument and provides indirect facts that single-sexed schools are now switching to mixed schools, where both sexes can integrate with one another. She excuses this statement with the fact that single-sexed schools are now dying out simply because they result in less income for the owners than mixed schools. This exposes a rather undecided tone because her hope for single-sexed schools dominating the educational body has diminished. But, here ending to the writing provokes an essence of grateful memories that she encountered in her single sexed-education, as well as inflicts mystery upon the reader into who ?Athena, Kate, and Maypoles? were. ...read more.


What?s more, a single-sexed education could produce an individual that is unprepared, nervous, and uneasy with the conditions and challenges that the mixed gendered real world provokes upon them. This artificial environment created by single-sexed schools could hinder an individual?s development skills, and retain them from experiencing the exciting and adventurous atmosphere of a mixed school. The study also found that single-sexed schools may be beneficial for females more than it is for males, since males are known to do better in mixed schools than in single-sexed schools. On the whole, the use of a deductive fallacy has taken place due to the fact that it is utterly unfeasible for both of this arguments premises to be correct, and its conclusion to be incorrect. Both of these atmospheres have their advantages and disadvantages. The implantation of an existential fallacy has also occurred based on the universal premise that this writing describes, along with a particular conclusion based merely upon opinion. I do not believe that Christine Flowers as provided sufficient evidence to fully claim that singles-sexed schools are more beneficial to an individual than mixed schools, although both of these atmospheres have their cons and pros. ...read more.

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