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In the popular media, white people are portrayed in many different ways. It seems that for the most part, white men are not often represented in an unfavorable ways.

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Bryan Auer Week # 4 860777575 In the popular media, white people are portrayed in many different ways. It seems that for the most part, white men are not often represented in an unfavorable ways. There are definitely exceptions to that rule, such as the portrayal of white men in Chappelle's Show. Comedian Dave Chappelle has become infamous for placing stereotypical views on different races on his sketch television show. Some of the examples of these include portraying black men as gangsters or thugs, Asian men as bad at English, and white men as unable to dance. This show by Dave Chappelle is just one small example, but it is a good one for a negative image. ...read more.


So there is a wide variety of white men are portrayed in popular culture. In reference to the images of white men being morally sound characters in popular culture, I think there are several reasons. Perhaps one reason revolves around the idea of statistics. It is entirely possible that these television producers or writers are simply representing criminals or villains according to the statistics of criminals in the U.S. Another reason could be purely coincidental. However, in the example of The Shield, detective Vic Mackey patrols East and South Central Los Angeles, which is notorious for black and Hispanic gangs. So this would seem to accurately represent the current situation in those sections of Los Angeles. ...read more.


I am more accustomed to being labeled as a surfer, skater, or snowboarder. These things are very common assumptions. As far as how these assumptions make me feel, I am fairly indifferent to them. Being a white male, many assumptions about me are not negative stereotypes. It is very different for African-American males, or ever Asian-American males who are forced to live with negative stereotypes. The stereotypes typically associated with white men are the surfer, or the good guy, or even the racist. There are rarely portrayals of white men in negative positions. Overall, I am not very affected by any of these portrayals in popular media. I can, however, see the affect of these stereotypes on men or women of a minority group. These images can be harmful to their race or ethnic group as a whole. ...read more.

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