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In this essay I will explore and discuss the British nationalist party, and give my views to the question

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Discursive Essay In this essay I will explore and discuss the British nationalist party, and give my views to the question "Why do people support such a fascist ideology". An example of the party's politics comes from Mark Collette, leader of the Young BNP. Here are some of his views (sourced from Sunday Time's Magazine); "Aids kills blacks, gays and junkies so I would call it a friendly disease" and "A proud white supremacist like myself will do anything to see all blacks rid from my country" This gives us an idea of just how extreme this group is, which makes the idea of anyone supporting such ideologies all the more confusing, but here are my views on why people support such fascist views. First I think that many people in Britain are suspicious and perhaps afraid of ethnic minorities in their communities. ...read more.


People start judging ethnic people as a separate body instead of just another human being and that leads to fear and suspicion. As a result of this people vote for parties like the BNP who promise to white people that they will give ethnic minorities a lesser voice in almost every way thus making white people feel more secure. So how can society deal with the above issues? How can we ensure that people don't mature with subtle racist views, or feel scared as a result of isolation? I feel that we can't change the views of those who are only willing to see one way on their politics, so I think we should look towards future generations and educate them in equal rights and all issues of equality from an early age. By doing this we can make our society a better place for existing Britain's as they will be informed and more accepting of other ...read more.


Racism was a common hardship that ethnic people faced back when many people were un-educated and therefore narrow-minded about other cultures, but time has moved on and with that so has people's attitude and politics. No longer should any one be subjected to discrimination by race or religion and no longer should the BNP continue to make ethnic people's lives a living hell by their manifesto, agenda's and views. In conclusion I feel the BNP is a product of previous governments, for not realizing the potential of education about other cultures to the youth of today therefore creating racism and fear in British communities, but I also think that the BNP is one of the prices that can come with democracy. In time I hope that we do live in a country that stands for equality instead of injustice and I feel that education is our way forward. Matthew Millar British Nationalist Party Discursive ...read more.

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