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Is attending an all girls school is beneficial to the girls?

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There is a debate as to whether attending an all girls school is beneficial to the girls attending these single sex schools. As a pupil at one such school I am in the position to express an opinion on what I think are the main advantages of attending such a school. As someone who enjoys sports I am glad I chose a girls school because there is much more focus on girls sports, whereas in a mixed school there is more focus generally on male sports such as rugby. At a girls school I know that I would be able to focus on my work in class more diligently because I would find myself less distracted by the members of my class as they are of the same gender as me. ...read more.


It has been found that in general teachers give more attention to the male students. This figure has been found to be as large as that males are 5 times more likely to receive attention from teachers. There is also growing recognition of the learning differences in the two genders. In single sex classes girls are more likely to speak up and answer questions and they have more chance of performing better as a result of the lack of disruptions males can bring. I also found evidence that states 90% of females at co-ed schools suffer some form of sexual harassment which therefore is another appeal to me of a single sex school. Teacher:sudent ratios are typically much lower in single sex schools which is of great benefit to me and others attending all girls schools because it is widely known ...read more.


most mixed schools whereas although these are quite an important topic of conversation at an all girls school they are less likely to affect performance in the actual classroom because these boys in question are not present to physically distract and have an impact. In conclusion I feel that the advantages of attending an all girls school far outweighed the appeal of a mixed school. I feel that in an all girls school I am in a better position to gain self confidence, a better education as a result of more attention from teachers and less distraction by the opposite sex and I am able to take advantage of sporting opportunities that may not be available to me in a mixed school. At a single sex school I feel I am less affected by gender stereo types. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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