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Is Feminism Still Important?

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Is Feminism Still Important? The purpose of feminism differs between the feminist perspectives but most feminists strive to outline the inequality between men and women as well as increase the rights of women. Second wave feminism began is Britain in the 1960s. The main objective was to improve the position of women within society. The purpose of feminism differs between the three main feminist perspectives present at the time; Liberal, Marxist and Radical. Liberal Feminist focused on the belief that women had fewer rights than men and that they should be treated in accordance with their merit as opposed to their sex. Liberal feminist identify the source of the problem as socialisation. Children are socialised into stereotypical gender roles that limit society's perception of what women are capable of (Oakley). Liberal Feminists attempt to improve the position of women within society by campaigning for equal rights for women. ...read more.


Radical Feminists believe that there is a basic conflict between all men and all women; it is because of this that all women have shared interests. The main problem, according to Radical feminists, is patriarchy, which is present in all aspects of social life. Men naturally have more physical strength than women and because of this they can use physical strength to exercise strength power over women. Men also have control over the cultural attitudes present in society and because of this they can justify their dominance making it appear natural. Second wave feminists are guilty of seeing all men as the same and all women as the same when this is not the case. Men and women have multiple axes of identity such as class and ethnicity, which second wave feminists fail to acknowledge. Second wave feminists also focus on the middle class women who do not work. ...read more.


Another third wave feminist approach is Post Feminism which has many facets including The End Of Feminism. The End of Feminism suggests that as a result of the legislation that has increased the right s of women, gender equality has finally been achieved. This is evident in the study by Sianne and Wilkinson (1995) who found that the gender war, according to younger generations, is outdated. This suggests that equality may have been achieved suggesting that feminism is no longer necessary. Black feminism is another form of third wave feminism, which implies that black women are disadvantaged because of their race, class and gender. Brewer (1993) implies that most black women are working class, as a result of this they suffer economically. Collins suggested that the majority of feminist theory focuses on the experiences of white middles class women (this is true of most second wave feminist theories) and the experiences of black women are ignored. It is because of this that a form of feminism focusing on black women is necessary. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sapphire Mason-Brown ...read more.

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