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Is V a terrorist or a Revolutionary?

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Is V a terrorist or a revolutionary? What is the difference? Compare him and his actions to a historical revolutionary. V is argued to be a revolutionary or a terrorist by the viewer. Throughout the movie, one would argue as to what V is, and the audience would come up with multiple conclusions about the mysterious hero/villain. Is V oppressing his political thoughts on others like a terrorist or is he simply the only person who dares to go against the government and risk his life for the freedom of the people? ...read more.


V blew up populated buildings and killed many civilians, including innocent policemen. V also believes his political views are correct and his opinion is the only way to see things, he murdered and tortured a multiple of individuals and brutally attempts to instill his views in people's minds. This is all evidence that proves V is indeed a terrorist. This is only one way to view V's action throughout the movie. A revolutionary differs greatly from a terrorist. A Revolutionary is someone who acts alone or with others to change the form of government or society or an economy (or in fact any social institution) ...read more.


On the other hand it is what V wants, he chose this process, is this fair to cause chaos and havoc to other people's society to achieve what he himself wants? V highly compares to Guy Fawkes and these two revolutionary men have many similarities. V wears a Guy Fawkes mask in the movie, which is evidence that he sees himself as a revolutionary and nothing else. Firstly, both men risked their lives in order to create a better society, both used the blowing up method , what was blow up was the parliament or the building that was the symbol of the government. ...read more.

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