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Is V a terrorist or a Revolutionary?

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  • Submitted: 10/04/2011
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AS and A Level Media

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Is V a terrorist or a revolutionary? What is the difference? Compare him and his actions to a historical revolutionary.

V is argued to be a revolutionary or a terrorist by the viewer. Throughout the movie, one would argue as to what V is, and the audience would come up with multiple conclusions about the mysterious hero/villain. Is V oppressing his political thoughts on others like a terrorist or is he simply the only person who dares to go against the government and risk his life for the freedom of the people? How does V relate to the historical revolutionary Guy Fawkes, in which V was trying to portray with his mask in the first place?

The definition of a terrorist/terrorism is politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, according to the U.S Law. People who argue that V is a terrorist would say that V fits that criteria and that he is indeed inflicting terror and violence against civilians. V blew up populated buildings and killed many civilians, including innocent policemen. V also believes his political views are correct and his opinion is the only way to

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